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    Interiors, seats specifically

    One of the very best, if not the best source for custom aircraft seats is Oregon Aero. Their staff will walk you through the entire process. They build up the seats from many individual pieces of foam. Their inventory is very extensive including a wide variety of OEM seats for certificated...
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    N Number placard

    Looking for a tasteful custom N-number placard about 3 inches long to be affixed to the instrument panel of my experimental aircraft. Prefer white letters of a specific font on a black field. Anyone know of a high quality source for this item? Rick
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    Spar Lamination Corrosion Control

    Norm, For additional information on this topic you may want to check out the short article found at the enclosed link. Good luck! Rick G.
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    Spar Lamination Corrosion Control

    You can purchase pro-seal in various forms ( i.e. in tubes and activated by a plunger, or packaged separately as part A and part B.) Either form can be ordered from Aircraft Spruce (page 304 in the current catalog), Wicks (page 231) or through Van's accessory catalog. Sometimes referred to as...
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    Spar Lamination Corrosion Control

    Norm, At McDonnell-Douglas where I worked for 35 years on various combat aircraft, I can assure you corrosion control is a paramount concern. My under-construction RV-6A reflects a similiar attention to corrosion control matters, given the limitations of the homebuilder. What I did in...
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    Today, I received the umteenth order from Aircraft Spruce and Specialty. Only this time, along with the order, I included and got for free the logo decals found on the bottom of page 324 in the catalog. The 18" one is pretty dramatic and is a welcome addition to my shop wall treatment.
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    Dimpler/Squeezer tools

    I would opt for the deeper 3" throat because over the long run, you will get more utility out of it.
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    Corrosion Protection

    Primer options Ah, the subject is PRIMER. Your question always generates plenty of heated debate on the RV list. Discussiong primer options is like arguing politics or religion to some people. No matter what you say, there is always some naysayer lurking out there who will suddenly come out...
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    Label that Cable

    Too many years of building combat aircraft for the taxpayers has provided me with many valuable lessons that are quite useful in constructing my RV-6A. One of the things you would observe if you could peer inside the airframe of an F-15 or F-18 is that countless labels are affixed next to the...
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    Sneak Peek

    Overheard on another website...... UPS is going to introduce a new product or product line on April 2. I do know that rumors have been swirling around for several months. Anyway, the buzz (according to the website) is don't commit to a new radio stack until you see what UPS is about to...
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    What to build?

    So Many Choices Thinking of building an airplane? Besides deciding on what type of construction to commit to, consider the practical aspects of ownership. If you have no taildragger experience, expect to pay a premium on your insurance. And speaking of insurance, do yourself a big favor and...
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    Those Darn Cleco's!

    Ever had a cleco button refuse to hold fast in a hole for any reason? Usually it is because the hole is slightly oversize, or dimpled, or a preload condition exists, a combination of all the above, or maybe the cleco button itself is just plain nearly worn out. What to do? Simply drill out a...
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    Parts and Accessories Source

    Whether you are a builder of a Van's Aircraft design or not, you may want to take advantage of the very competitive pricing available through the Vans accessories catalog on many high dollar items you would normally consider buying elsewhere. You can buy anything out of the catalog except for a...
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    RV builders: contact Van's for free Aerobatic Limitations Placard.;)
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    More Riveting and other Errata

    Many of you have probably used this trick at one time or another, but a good technique for replacing a drilled out rivet in a hole that is now slightly oversized is to pre-swell the new rivet first. Usually done in a hand squeezer, you slightly squeeze the rivet so that its diameter swells to...
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    Riveting errata

    In building my RV-6A, I am always surprised by the number of sheet metal aircraft builders who come by to visit my project and have overlooked the utility of using NAS1097 rivets in a wide range of applications. Sometimes, these fasteners are inadvertently trivialized by being referred to as...