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  1. J

    What to build?

    Starduster/ Acroduster Anyone here know of a forum of builders, or anything like talk with builders of the Stolt Starduster Bi-plane???? I would like to find out: 1. The Build Time 2. The average cost to build 3. The average sell price of a built Acroduster/Starduster-...
  2. J

    Please Help a Friend

    A friend asked a question, I would REALLY like some help from the folks in here in answering.........For a common person to understand......What are your opinions? Below is his E-Mail: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- I am fixing to replace the...
  3. J

    just some thoughts

    To The Administrator "Chat Room" I hope this doesn't sound like a teen request. I saw Calamity , and Orion online at the Froum and wanted to say "Good Morning"......... I would like to Pay Compliments: I agree with Dust, this is a great forum. There is good trafic, and within the traffic...
  4. J

    leg pulling and the forum

    Are we allowed to do that? MPLAFLEUR, Seriously, I have read some OLD archives, and "they" don't like people making so many changes to the plans..............and..........I actually heard the "Designer" say.........."Then don't call it a COZY"......(Well I read it) It seems that if I...
  5. J

    Painting Composite Aircraft

    I would give anything to have a "BLACK" Cozy MIV.........<sigh> Well not ANYTHING Joe :cool:
  6. J

    leg pulling and the forum

    <PERK> What's That you say........... <Pulling the knife from my heart> I am building a pusher.........I do hope I picked the right one, and that it is effecient. It seems to be the RIGHT ONE for me, anyway. It is SEXY, that does count high in "MY BOOK". Building Cozy Mark IV, don't...
  7. J

    leg pulling and the forum

    Be Respectful to all Living Things. Especially Humans........... Your mothers should be proud. I know I was proud Not that it matters to you of You guys for the respectful way in which you doubted but lent a hand ,I was glad to see it. You guys did the right thing, it was more than...
  8. J

    Label that Cable

    Wire Markers Don't know what people are using for Marking wires, but here is what BRADY makes. See link below: I prefer the "Vinyl Self Laminating " Markers. You write or print on part of it, and then a...
  9. J

    buying groups

    As far as all the "Brock Parts", it looks like it might be best just to purchase them. I am not set up with the equipment necessary, I wish I was. Maybe for my next airplane :smile: .....I do have an older neighbor that might be interested in that kind of work, but at this time I do not know...
  10. J

    buying groups

    Buyer Group = Power Dust, Of course I would like in on the Metal Purchase, like I said.I do not know what I will need yet..Do You? I have a Little tig/Mig, What will I need this metal for,(Engine Mounts/Turbo Rotary) Can it be welded on my machine? You are way ahead of me on "Metal Needed...
  11. J

    buying groups

    Great Idea The only problem, dust, is that You know more about what I will need than me. I wonder if the distance between our homes is an issue. Then there is the $20.:cool: enjoy the dust rusty
  12. J

    Label that Cable

    Wiring Code So, It is my understanding that the Wiring code attached by 'WASS BI Plane" is a kind of "UNIVERSAL CODE"...........Is this correct? I like the idea of using something Universal.........I too would like any information about whether or not this "CODE" has been updated Recently...
  13. J

    hello canardians

    Mt is not a girl or a guy?????? Hey Dust, It is nice to see you here as well. I must meet this MT , being neither a girl or guy, leaves me intrigued. Mr. Dust, I pushed the wrong button on the Canard Forum, and canot post reply's ...........Do You know if steve, the guy that started...
  14. J

    Exhaust system alloy

    Cast Iron Turbo John, Is it required that you use Cast Iron, from exhaust ports to turbo,with the Mazda Rotary turbo?
  15. J

    Helpful information.

    Epoxies???? While reasearching epoxies, I have discovered so much information I am getting a "Brain Fart". Will someone help me? Which is best ( In regards to highest temp before softening) MGS Epoxy 285 or MGS 335? What I want is the Epoxy that will take the highest Desert...
  16. J

    Joe from Taos, NM Building Cozy Mark IV

    Elete Cozy Builder Hey Dust, In no way was I calling you a BAD Name...........You compose yourself quite nicely. Well, I am sure gonna be careful myself. I do think I picked the "Perfect Plane", and I can't see how others can't see it my way..................... I was really just...
  17. J

    new member

    Welcome from a Newbie. Hello and welcome.......being from Taos,Nm.......makes us almost neighbors.I guess. I fly a c172, and just bought cozy Plans. I have been a pilot only 6 months, I am 42years old.....Been retired for 3 years...I am presently hoping to get a job at our local airport.
  18. J

    Painting Composite Aircraft

    Ok, fire it up.......................I want to paint my COZY bright RED..............I Know I know.......White only, But ..........Has anyone else thought of this??????? Boats are composite and they all last a long time.
  19. J

    How did you hear about HBA?

    Canard Forum Jake, I heard about it from some of the guys over at the Canard Forum. I wouldn't be bothered a bit if I was you about Telling someone about it at another forum.....Wea are all Homebuilders of Aircraft, We need as many others to learn from as possible.
  20. J

    Joe from Taos, NM Building Cozy Mark IV

    Nice to meet you. Jake, Thanks for the warm welcome. Intersting You called the other site the "Cozy Site", I am sure you know it is a "Canard Site"......but the cozy guys seem to think themselves eletists. I had to save every pennie I could to make this "Pilot" thing, and this...