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    Wanted want to. purchase

    Hello Everyone I am looking for a 52×42 or 52×44 propellor 35 mm Posa or Revflo carb Exhaust for VW conversion Thank
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    Hello from Michigan!

    Hello. I am in Saranac, Mich. I own and fly a 56 Tri Pacer and am reconditioning a 1983 KR2. Wondering if there are more KR2 pilots in the state.
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    Zenith, KR2S, or Sonerai: Safety Record Comparison

    I have finished and flown a Sonerai 2 and am now finishing aKR2 that I intend to fly. Flying the Sonerai 2 may give me some insight to pitch sensitive aircraft but the bottom line when transitioning to any aircraft even of the class is preperation. Read. Fly the same class or type with an...
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    Zenith, KR2S, or Sonerai: Safety Record Comparison

    I have owned..test flown and flew reguarly a Sonerai 2. I now have a KR2 project that should be ready by early June 2017. I have experience in many types of aircraft from Champs to larger complex so please indulge me a moment. All airplanes require transition time. Some are more stable...
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    Kr2s vs Kr super2

    The Super does look good but without srructural verifiable analysis ( test to failure via sandbag) it could or may not be a good airplane. Also..the original KR aircraft were designed to be small economical and affordable airplanes. Most aircraft are derivitives of others with the exception...
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    KR 2 restore

    Just took in a 1983 KR2 airframe with instruments but no engine. Initial look over is positive but a thorough inspection is forthcoming. This a retractable gear version. Some superficial damage is all....I hope. My second KR2 but I am no means an expert in this design. Please feel free to offer...
  7. Restoration...1983 KR2

    Restoration...1983 KR2

    Hello, New to this forum but not to homebuilding and aviation in general. A pilot with 30 plus years learning with inst. rating and other endorsements. I am the proud owner of a 1956 PA22150 and now... a 1983 KR2 airframe that "appears" to be in good condition but needs a thorough...
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    ??? on the Wankle rotary

    Hello.. Has anyone installed a Wankle rotary on a KR2? I am picking up an older but complete airframe tomorrow morning. It has been in climate controlled storage for some years but a thorough inspection is in order. There is a Wankle conversion for sale locally but any input...
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    Pro's and Con's of the KR2

    Picking up a complete airframe that has been suspended for 14 years. Will do a thorough inspection over the next two weeks and then if it is I have a line on an engine.
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    Hello from Michigan!

    Hello, I just joined in Central Lower Mich. I own a d fly a 1956 Tri Pacer and am looking at a completed airframe of a KR2-1.
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    Just Brought This Home Today !

    Congratulations! Any airplane is exciting to bring home. The Kolb from what I know of them are well designed. Test fly it ( if you haven't already) like a new bird and have fun.