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    New Waiex Owner

    It's been awhile since I posted anything here, as I've just been in and out to see what's what for quite some time. Because I won't have time to build my own project for at least a few more years, I figured I'd buy an already built plane and enjoy it in the meantime. I was lucky enough to find a...
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    Flap failure today

    I did my night cross country flight tonight to complete my night flying time. Everything was beautiful and uneventful all the way up to my landing sequence at my home airport. I entered downwind like normal and when I reached my referrence point I turned on my carb heat, throttled back, added...
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    My first solo

    I did my first solo today:ban: I was hoping to solo sooner but it took me longer to figure out my landings than I expected, but I still managed it after 12.9 hours. I was hoping to do it earlier but 80-90 hour work weeks and bad weather have kept me from flying for 2 weeks. It felt great to get...
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    My first flight

    I was more than excited to take my first training flight today:) I hadn't really planned on starting my flying today but my schedule opened up a bit so I called the airpark to see if the instructor and plane were available. The instructor said if we go up soon enough we'd beat the storms...
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    Wright Flyer replica crash

    I just saw this online. I see these planes flying around the Dayton area once in awhile. It's terribly sad that the pilots did not survive. My heart goes out to their families. 2 die in Wright replica plane crash - US news - Life -
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    Class III medical

    Well I went to a local AME to get my class III medical that I was told I needed for a PPL this morning. Unfortunately I got a bit of bad news from it. Apparently the FAA has a big problem if you've had a kidney stone in the past. Unfortunately I have so I was told it would be deferred and I...
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    ATC changing from radar to GPS?

    This morning while driving to work, I heard a short news clip on the radio which mentioned ATC was going to be making a change from radar based to GPS based tracking. I didn't get to listen to the entire thing so I didn't hear if this was a proposed plan or a new Administrative Regulation which...
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    Newbie to the pilot/aircraft scene in OH

    Hi everyone. I'm Tom and I'm addicted to flying:gig: I'm actually not even a pilot yet but have been lucky enough to go up for a couple of flights and all it took was 1 flight to get me addicted and bring me to the realization that I need to fly. I've wanted to get my PPL for a few years now...