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    Parts For Sale Bolkow Stabilizer and Rudder and Fairing (wings)

    Good shape and green painted on zinc chromate on both of them. They are certified. The stabilizer weighs very little heavy. Rudder is not heavy. Wing Fairings for Bolkow. Selling all of them $1,000. They are worth $3000.
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    Parts Wanted 1600cc VW or 1/2 VW engine

    Want to buy used 1600cc VW or 1/2 vw engine or do you have 2 dual port head cylinders for 1600cc? Please send me pics and info what you have.
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    Parts Wanted Welding job

    Already Hired a guy!
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    Airplane For Sale Bolkow 208 aircraft 95% complete project and Continental 75 hp engine.

    Bolkow 208 Aircraft is 97% complete airframe. It needs to finish some rivets on stabilizer and one wing and plexiglass front and top windshield and put parts together to complete bird. 75 HP cont.engine wth engine cowl goes with Bolkow aircraft. Bolkow MFI-9 has full instrument gauges and...
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    Parts For Sale Bolkow 208 Aircraft parts

    Wing parts and many wing ribs and spars and more. Two wing kit I have. See pics Bulkheads and Deck and stabilizer and rudder and fin and many parts for MFI-9 Aircraft. I have more parts in my shed also and include a set of original large drawing plans. $2500.00
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    Airplane Wanted Want to find a partner who is very interested in building new single seat J-3 Cub.

    We have money for aircraft bill of material. New innovation of single seat Cub calls Fun Cub. Fuselage uses steel all .035 wall thickness. Wings make of all metal or wood. Flaps made of alum. Fuel tanks require 2 ( 5 gal each ) Wing struts make of aluminum extruded struts. Motor maybe 50 hp to...
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    Parts Wanted Wanted to buy a set of Corbin Baby Ace Model D

    Please text me if you have the plans of Corbin Baby Ace Model D.
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    Parts For Sale Wheel pants and plans and parts

    Ultralight Kolb Mark III wheel pants for sale $200.00 Cessna 150 nose wheel and main wheel pants $300 Airbike Tandem plans $100 HiMax R1700 with full size of rib pattern $60 Minimax R1400 (Canopy like R1600 )with full size of rib pattern $75 Minimax R1600 $75 Minimax R1100 $75 Miniature super...
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    Want to buy J-3 kitten complete wings and a set of wing struts. Prefer to pick up southeastern USA - South Carolina to Florida. If you have J-3 kitten wing ribs, let me know. I will buy wing ribs or complete wings and struts. Uncover or on cover wings OK with me. I am suffering from sciatica...
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    Challenger II long wing and new fabric cover.

    1998 Challenger II recently has new fabric cover. Ready to paint. Include paint cans and complete parts and fuel tank 10 gal and full instrument. Not included engine and propeller $4500 cash only. New website... is coming next week.
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    Super Cub PA-18 elevators, rudder, and stabilizers on silver cover

    Used Super Cub elevators, rudder, and stabilizers on good grade cover. They are ready to ship or you pick them up In Florida. They are 4 yers old cover and still good grade. Ready to paint. $1900.00 and you pay UPS shipping
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    Altimeter, Airspeed, CHT, EGT, and Voltage gauges

    3 1/2” Dia. Challenger Altimeter and Altimeter and 2 1/4” Dia. CHT, EGT, and VOLTAGE gauges. They are good condition. $350.00 Send pics by PM
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    Kelly -D biplane fuselage and wood wing kit SOLD !!!

    Kelly-D fuselage is complete frame, it is 4130 steel certified tubes. No landing gear and tail feather. I have a set of 4130 rubber pedals and 3200 Scott tailwheel good used condition. The fuselage is big for chubby pilot. The cockpit is more room for both pilots. I do have a new set of Kelly-D...
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    Challenger II complete project trade for Legal Eagle single seat

    I am more interested in trade my challenger II project for Legal Eagle or J-3 kitten complete or incomplete project. Send me pics of your bird. I will send pics of my Challenger II.
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    1,160 pieces of AN bolts and stop nuts and washers for sale

    1,160 pieces of bolts from AN3 thru AN27 and stop nuts and washers for $175.00 1,160 Bolts and stop nuts and washers !!! 😊 Postage $8.00
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    Need to hire Steel 4130 welder

    I want to pay a Gas or Tig welder to weld Kelly-D landing gear, struts, control stick assembly, Capane, N struts, rudder, stabilizers, and elevators and rudder pedals. I will order steel 4130 tubes and sheets, they will ship them to Welder’s home address. Please send me a quote by text...
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    A new wood propeller

    Diameter is 54” and pitch is 37 and Left hand. My newer wood propeller will fit to Rotax 337-447-503. Challenger single seat or Ultralight single seat. Shipping costs $40 in USA $200.00 Other store sells $453.
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    Gearbox B ... 2.58 ratio

    Sell gearbox B with 8 bolts. It removed from Rotax 503 in 2019 of December. SOLD SOLD
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    Super Cub LMX-5 plans

    A set of plans $175.00 plus $20 postage in USA. Use wood or metal you can build fuselage and tailfeather. Wings require wood. Power from 582 rotax to 0-200 Continental.
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    Challenger “ Mountain “ single seat project

    I keep challenger projects. I don’t approve tirekckers.