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  1. Dieselfume

    Was asked a question about sailplanes and experimentals the other day...

    Was asked a question about sailplanes and experimentals the other day... Prompted by the fact that glider ratings don't require medicals, even motorgliders... With regard to experimental airworthiness certificates and registration etc, what defines a motorglider (or SLS, self-launching...
  2. Dieselfume

    CH601XL/CH650 FAA SAIB CE-10-08

    Gentleman, I have been notified that an official SAIB regarding the Zenith CH601XL/CH650 aircraft has been released. I am providing the complete text as communicated to me from EAA with all links to applicable guidance material. In a nutshell, if you are flying an SLSA CH601XL/CH650, it is...
  3. Dieselfume

    Gweduck First Flight

    A friend of mine, Ross, completed the first flight (high speed water taxi test "hop") of an experimental twin engine amphib called the Gweduck on 10 Feb from Lake Washington. (W36, Will Rogers Wiley Post Seaplane Base, N end of Renton Municipal, RNT). He has been building with a friend, Ben...
  4. Dieselfume

    Alert: Boeing Field Now Charges Landing Fee for Visiting Aircraft

    I would like to alert you to a throughly unwholesome and irritating situation. User fees at a local level. BFI, aka Boeing Field or King County International Airport is charging landing fees for visiting aircraft. Bills have already been sent for Dec 07. I'm attempting to summarizing the...
  5. Dieselfume

    Poor Man's TCAS

    Been thinking of buying one of these little traffic avoidance devices before I start flight training. They are coming in more varieties now. TrafficScope, PCAS MRX, Traffic Watch, etc... Of course the best TCAS is several eyes looking out the cockpit, and electronic gizmos are no...
  6. Dieselfume

    Lycoming Crank Recall O-540 and O-360 AD to follow soon. I had a feeling there was gong to be more recalls after that lawsuit judgement in favor of the outfit that made the cranks for lyc... Lyc really dropped the ball with this whole mess. Sucks to be...
  7. Dieselfume

    Anybody useing the Marcotte

    Anybody out there using a Marcotte PSRU for the soob? I have a friend with an EG33 that is going on a Coot amphib, and he is trying to figure out what redrive to use. I really like the design with the internal helical gear setup. I contacted them and they told me a bit more about the redrive...
  8. Dieselfume

    Cool Mount St. Helens Pics

    As some of you have heard, Mount St. Helens has recently become active. There are some very high resolution photos at the USGS webpage. The fourth one down under October 7th shows how the new dome has risen behind the 80-86 dome and I...
  9. Dieselfume

    What is the fastest 200hp plane?

    Here's a question that should get you thinkin'. What is the fastest kit or plans built airplane that is max 200hp (IO-360 or similar) I've looked at race results for the sport class off the RARA site but they all seem to be IO-540 powered or something more exotic. That class seems to be...
  10. Dieselfume

    Anybody going to Arlington this weekend?

    I'm going. Weather forecast is not great, but OK, not that rain would stop me. I'm also going to visit a guy in Burlington that is rebuilding a PBY-5A. Should be fun!
  11. Dieselfume

    Electrical systems, 14v or 28v

    Not being a pilot (yet) and having familiarity with various aircraft, and not having specs for the electrical systems for different aircraft available to me, I have a few questions... I know there are 14 and 28 volt systems out there. What existing aircraft use 14v and what aircraft use 28v...
  12. Dieselfume

    Is anyone else designing a scale PBY? (long)

    I've already posted this on rec.aviation.homebuilts and recieved many more replies than expected, but I'd like to hear what you guys (and gals) at HBA think. I was wondering if anyone else was designing (or maybe even progressed to building) a homebuilt aircraft based on the PBY Catalina...
  13. Dieselfume

    SpaceShipOne, June 21, 62 miles There gonna do it, June 21st, 62 miles (or 100 km), Mojave Airport, taxi time 6:30 am PDT Sure wish I could be there to see it!