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  1. J

    What taildraggers with retracts exist?

    Hello Everyone, I'm looking to build some retractable gear time and tailwheel time concurrently. Besides a T-6 and a Yak-52TW, what aircraft would foot the bill, does anyone know? This would need to be apart from the Warbirds, something (well) under 1 mil $. It seems that you can't just...
  2. J

    10 Free Lesson FEA

    I wasn't asking what FEA was, I was asking what the posting was about, just a link with no text or description. Looked like a spam attack. Justin
  3. J

    Geshwender PSRU Business

    Leo, I doubt it buy I'll ask. Both the principals are well into retirement I believe, one is for sure. Regarding the casting cost, I would personally say at a minimum with a $15k selling price you're going to need to see $7.5k COGS or less. Amortizing $40k in molds into 12 sets of castings...
  4. J

    Geshwender PSRU Business

    Hello Leo, I think the demand would be driven by cost. I personally know of 2 PSRU brands that are in the process of being brought back to market, with a third a possibility. That along with the others mentioned means there is certainly some competition. If you could sell them for $15k-18k or...
  5. J


    That one isn't really 90%, the wings are 75% for example. It is nice looking but the scale is arbitrarily chosen by them. The fuse is closer to 90% long. Justin
  6. J


    Bob told me had a small number of inches of ground clearance. I'm thinking he said 1 or 2 inches, it was pretty astounding.
  7. J


    Let's hear more about it!
  8. J

    Minimum clearance from air scoop to fuselage

    For your internal duct design, obtain a copy of Kuchemann and Weber, "Aerodynamics of propulsion". Some of the commonly believed internal duct shapes are incorrect, according to his text. In the book he gives an ordinate table for a streamline diffuser (internal duct) for various ratios of...
  9. J

    BMW M73 V12 Real weights.

    Very cool. Have you been following the work of Ole Ringstad? (currently down for some reason) Justin
  10. J

    Push-Pull (Teleflex) Controls vs Standard Galvanized Cables and Pulleys

    Oh ok I just saw you had mentioned above on 12 April 18 that you use them on your HP-24 flap system.
  11. J

    Push-Pull (Teleflex) Controls vs Standard Galvanized Cables and Pulleys

    Does anyone have a source for the Teleflex cables these days? I need the kind with the helical wire that you can use in a rack/pinion setup or like the chain on a sprocket. I see some marine type dealers have these but generally they have fittings on both ends and are specific to some boat...
  12. J

    10/23 Raptor Video

    EPI isn't doing any more aircraft conversions and if you've read through that site, you can imagine Jack's comments. Justin
  13. J

    Memorial day

    Our fallen brothers are not forgotten. J
  14. J

    Bruce Carmichael's "drag reduction" book

    I have been looking as well, the books are available on ebay sometimes for $100+. There's a .pdf of one of them on the net but I think it was more an article he wrote than a book. Justin
  15. J

    Multi-element fowler airfoil modelling

    Hanley Innovations has a multi-element airfoil analysis tool. Justin
  16. J

    V8 engine Cessna 172

    Again, good on you for doing it. There's always some Negative Nancy who want to try to chip away at another's accomplishment, even here on a site for doing experimental things. Don't let them get you down. Justin
  17. J

    V8 engine Cessna 172

    What a neat project, good work! Justin