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  1. J

    What taildraggers with retracts exist?

    Hello Everyone, I'm looking to build some retractable gear time and tailwheel time concurrently. Besides a T-6 and a Yak-52TW, what aircraft would foot the bill, does anyone know? This would need to be apart from the Warbirds, something (well) under 1 mil $. It seems that you can't just...
  2. J

    Aerobatics in a Cessna L19

    Hello, Is there anyone who has substantive knowledge on the suitability of a Cessna L19 / O-1 for aerobatics? I'm considering purchasing one and the seller thinks it can be and it does have a g-meter. This is one of the type that was discovered in a crate and "built" about 15 years ago...
  3. J

    Wanted: Bruce Carmichael Personal Aircraft Drag Reduction Book

    Hello Everyone, I'm looking for Bruce Carmichael's "Personal Aircraft Drag Reduction Book". Anyone have one they want to sell? I'll take the Hollman books too if anyone has them around. Thank you, Justin
  4. J

    Wanted to purchase: Fluid Dynamic Drag- Hoerner

    Hey everyone, Anyone want to sell their copy of Fluid Dynamic Drag? I see there is a website selling them but it is unsecure and I don't want to put my credit card info in there. Anyway, let me know if you want to offload yours for some $. Thank you, Justin
  5. J

    Goodyear Wheel/Brake catalog or reference list

    Hello Crew, Does anyone have an old Goodyear wheel and brake catalog or index of what part numbers were used on what aircraft? I don't need the tire catalog, that is still readily available. Thank you in advance! Justin
  6. J

    Aerosport Engineering V-12 info

    Hello, Could anyone here help me out with some contact info for Ole Ringstad with Aerosport Engineering? They have a really nice looking V-12 they're working on for aircraft use: However, no one is responding on facebook and their website is not functional. If anyone has hard tech specs that...
  7. J

    What scale and composition of your favorite Warbird would you purchase?

    Hello Everyone, This is a question I've been kicking around ever since I discovered the Supermarine (Texas) ~75% scale Spitfire. In the youtube video comments people asked "Why not just do 100%?" Their answer of course was that the weight goes up dramatically and they say you need a huge...
  8. J

    Hello from Idaho

    Hello Everyone, New member here checking in. This site has been one I've read for a couple years now. Seems like a lot of really solid info. Not currently building anything, have a 182 but am interested in learning aerobatics. Tried to a supporting member but it's making me try to create a...