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  1. Wanttaja

    EAA No Longer Has Free SolidWorks

    Note on the EAA Forum page that the free Solidworks available to EAA members is being discontinued. Ron Wanttaja
  2. Wanttaja

    Polliwagen Elevator Question

    I have been asked to try put together a series of "Whatever happened to..." articles on older homebuilt designs that one doesn't see around anymore. After seeing some discussion here, I decided to start with the Polliwagen. Basic question: Did the Polliwagen have a stabilator, or conventional...
  3. Wanttaja

    Combat Flea!

    Found this today at an antique store, and almost bust a gut laughing on the way to the register. It's a comic book from the 1960s: Yes, that's's about a Flying Flea in combat with the Japanese in WWII. Here's the back cover, explaining things a bit more. And...just because y'all...
  4. Wanttaja

    HBA Member Grand Champion Finalist for EAA Founder Innovation Prize

    Ed Wischmeyer (HBA member edwisch) has joined the finalist group for the EAA contest searching for solutions to aircraft loss-of-control accidents: Congrats, Ed! Ron Wanttaja
  5. Wanttaja

    Add-On Starter for A65 Continental

    A lot of folks are interested in smaller homebuilts like Pietenpols, Baby Aces, and Fly Babies, but are skittish because the A65 engines used require hand-propping. A guy in British Columbia is offering bolt-on starter systems for about $1100 US...
  6. Wanttaja

    For the Nieuport Builders

    Needed a quarantine project, so I designed and built a non-firing full-scale replica Lewis Gun. Full instructions and links to the Solidworks files can be found here: Builders of 7/8ths scale Nieuports can use the "Scale" function in Solidworks to...
  7. Wanttaja

    Homebuilt Fleet Sizes

    Per my usual practice, I downloaded the FAA Aircraft Registration database on 31 December. Here are the sizes of the number of aircraft that are registered as Experimental Amateur-Built. Note this does not include examples that are registered as Light Sport, or have a blank in the column where...
  8. Wanttaja

    Fly Baby Project and O-290 Engine

    Been in contact with this guy a couple of times; he lives on the north side of the Seattle area (Kirkland). He bought this Fly Baby project several years ago, basically to obtain the O-290 engine that came with it. He's had it for sale for a month or so, but is now offering it FREE to anyone...
  9. Wanttaja

    Table Coding Changed?

    I tried to post a table using my usual tools and it didn't work. Is table support still enabled? Ron Wanttaja
  10. Wanttaja

    2020 Fly Baby Calendar Available for Download/Printing

    For those who prefer homebuilts on their calendars, the 2020 Fly Baby calendar is available for free download: Ron Wanttaja
  11. Wanttaja

    The GA Market

    This is a change in title to a discussion previously taking place under the "Icon" thread. The post I'm responding to is at: Here's the key points in the original post that I'm kicking off on: A lot of folks have tried to develop...
  12. Wanttaja

    The Annual Registration Summary

    Every year, I give myself a New Year's present and download the FAA registration database. The following is a summary of homebuilt aircraft fleet sizes, based on the results from the last ten years of downloads. Note that the overall homebuilt fleet decreased by almost 2,000 airplanes last...
  13. Wanttaja

    2019 Fly Baby Calendar

    Free download, print it yourself: Ron Wanttaja
  14. Wanttaja

    2018 Fly Baby Calendar Available for Download

    I hate how the selection of homebuilt aircraft calendars is pretty poor, so every year I do one for the Fly Baby crowd. Free download: Ron Wanttaja
  15. Wanttaja

    Homebuilt Fleet Sizes

    These are based on my downloading of the FAA Registration Database around the first of each year. Type 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Air Command 138 138 128 121 72 67 58 58 Aventura 109 110 107 104 96 95 90 90 Avid 646 646 614 587 455 448 423 430...
  16. Wanttaja

    Table Pasting

    Any way to paste data into a table? When I try, all the data ends up in a single cell. This is true even if I highlight all the cells before pasting. Ended up retyping all my data for a recent post. I'll write a script to convert data to HTML, if needed, but just wondering if there was an...
  17. Wanttaja

    A Look At Auto Conversion Accident Statistics

    There have been several threads lately on auto conversions and safety. I have a database of homebuilt aircraft accidents from 1998 through 2014. I have extracted the accidents involving auto-engined homebuilts. Further, I have identified the engines by general type. Here's a summary of the...
  18. Wanttaja

    Getting More Volume from a Handheld Radio

    I've posted this to a couple of forums, thought I'd add it here as well. I've got an ICOM handheld permanently installed in my airplane as the primary comm radio. For years, I've used a standard aviation headset with it. I had to crank the volume up all the way, and some folks were STILL...
  19. Wanttaja

    Editing Function

    Odd realization: I can't edit some recent posts. The system doesn't give me the "edit" button. An example is in the "Firewall Forward/Props/Fuel System" forum, under "Failed Direct Drive Conversions." I posted #11 yesterday, wanted to correct some problems, but the "Edit Post" icon doesn't...
  20. Wanttaja

    Pilot Report: Sopwith Camel

    A couple of years back, I attended a seminar at Seattle's Museum of Flight on aviation in the Great War. One of the speakers was Mr. Javier Arango, who owns what is probably the largest collection of WWI airplanes in the world...and I'm NOT excluding museums! He owns something like two dozen...