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  1. Himat

    Multicopters, drones, in the news

    Mentioned in another tread, and quite a lot in the news here: Gatwick airport London have been closed for a day as multicopters have been observed over the airport several times.
  2. Himat

    There is no like (button)

    Cheapracer just posted some pictures in his build thread. The like button is not acessible, still, this qualify for a like, and also a possible ROTFL! A more serious note, I do...
  3. Himat

    Aircraft noise, CAFE Foundation papers

    In another thread I got this question about acoustics: I did search and find this CAFE Foundation page: CAFE Technology Library I have only got around to look at the content list, it look like there is a lot of interesting reading there. One thing I noticed is that some general papers on...
  4. Himat

    Mini Imp, low drag and pylon wing pusher

    The Mini imp, low drag and pusher designs tend to come up regular on this side. Combined with these threads:
  5. Himat

    Active/inactive users

    Below peoples login name their status is shown as: - Registered user - Moderator - Super moderator Or in cases when not allowed to post more: Banned. Maybe there is other possibilities I have not seen. Anyway, I have one suggestion for a slight change here and divide the registered used...
  6. Himat

    Homebuilt aircraft design the kit car way, chosing a donor aircraft

    There have been numerous threads on building the cheapest possible, smallest possible, simplest possible and the like airplane. Toobuilder then had a wise remark about why not and that an homebuilt airplane in most cases better have some utility too. Also when discussing building airplanes...
  7. Himat

    The Privateer have stalled?

    It look like the Privateer floatplane project have stalled: Privateer™ Industries - The First New Amphibian in over 60 years.... If so, sad news. The world will miss a floatplane demonstrating improvements in the state of art of float design.
  8. Himat

    Seaplane hull design developments

    There have been a lot of talk about that there have been very little development in seaplane hull design later years. And with later years that is later than the 1940’ies. I must confess that I too have expressed this opinion. But as I have studied publications about seaplanes and hull design I...
  9. Himat

    Sound deadening material

    With no material science topic I’ll answer under general questions. Yes, cork has been used both as a thermal insulator and for sound deadening (insulation). For sound deadening you usually look for a material with high mechanical damping. Then depending on the application you look at the...
  10. Himat

    An unorthodox seaplane hull, modell tests

    After posting some pictures in the “How many of you guys fly RC Planes too?“ thread, I do chose to answer the question in a separate thread. The taxi test did go well, in the sense that I learned something of it! Due to faulty weight estimate the plane did sit lower in the water than...
  11. Himat

    Why not roadable aircraft

    Aircar wrote in another thread “And maybe start ANOTHER thread specifically for debunkers,naysayers and those wanting to indulge in putdowns ....” Since I do think the roadable aircraft is technical possible, but due to other constraints a development dead end I will start the thread. Part is...