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  1. rjgritter

    Parts For Sale 2x Rotax Radiators

    Hi all, For sale: 2x Rotax 995698 radiators. One is pristine, one shows its age. Both are serviceable and have no leaks. Came from a Rotax 582, but it looks like these might also be used on the 912/914? $400 OBO for the pair. Thanks for looking! RJ
  2. rjgritter

    Parts For Sale Grand Rapids EIS for 2-cylinder/2-stroke

    Hi all, For sale: Grand Rapids EIS-3r Standard+Alt. Set up for 2-cylinder 2-stroke engines, though no reason it couldn't be used on a 2-cylinder 4-stroke. With appropriate probes, displays CHT, EGT, water temp, RPM, volts, hours, and pressure altitude, and probably more. Not pictured but...
  3. rjgritter

    Bad slosh sealant in a leaking wet wing

    Hi all, I've got a project airplane with metal, wet wings that has a few problems. First, I'm told at least one wing has a small leak. Second, and the reason I haven't even tried to verify the first - it appears that someone tried to fix that leak by sloshing the tank with Red-kote, which is an...
  4. rjgritter

    Rotax 582 Electric Starter Set

    Complete electric starter kit for a Rotax 582. May also fit the 503 - check your parts manual. Includes: 852-378 STARTER GEAR ADAPTER 834-053 STARTER GEAR 61 T 910-731 STARTER COVER 995-430 ELECTRIC STARTER ASSY 966-031 MASS CABLE 80 MM ASSY And all relevant mounting hardware, as shown. The...
  5. rjgritter

    .070" Mahogany Plywood Source

    Hi all, I'm rebuilding a Cap 21, a French single-seat aerobatic bird which is entirely built from wood. I'm working on some repairs on the belly and have found that it's sheeted with what appears to be 0.070in-thick 3-ply mahogany plywood. All 3 plies appear to be mahogany - not a poplar core...
  6. rjgritter

    Grove 600x6 Wheels, Brakes, Tires - SOLD

    Nice set of Grove 600x6 wheels and brakes. Includes barely worn Air Hawk tires with tubes. Calipers show surface rust but are barely worn. The wheels are P/N 65-1A Calipers are P/N 31-1A $1400 OBO. Thanks for looking! RJ
  7. rjgritter

    PS-5C Pressure Carb and matching Lycoming 40595 fuel pump

    Bendix PS-5C pressure carb and matching (mid-pressure) Lycoming 40595 fuel pump. Has the desirable red seals. These were in great working condition when removed from the O-360 on our S-1C for conversion to fuel injection. This setup allows fully inverted operation without fuel injection - great...