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    Best way to splice to small electrical wires together?

    I was a electronic tech in Air Force working within the SCF (satellite control facility) I had a course in soldering to work in field maintenance. I read in those days that several hundred pounds was saved in some large missle systems by refining soldering techniques. On end to end wire...
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    I would part it out.
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    HBA Member "Day Jobs"

    I joined Airforce out of high school working in satellite telemetry. Did four years and got out to attend college. After two years took a job with Ford Aerospace to work at tracking station in Thule Greenland. Did a year and then back to school. Got a degree in Pharmacy then took a Navy...
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    The Urge to Fly

    Home building should allow you to realize your dream. The legal Eagle mentioned is an excellent choice also look at the all wood minimax. The legal Eagle requires welding of steel tubing and the all wood minimax only uses easily made steel and aluminum fittings. Plans of minimax may be free to...
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    What can be done with an 0-235?

    Some one take a look at the 0235 pistons from the low compression C series and high compression later series. With pin thru one of each you can see the slightly taller high compression one also it has only three rings and is much cheaper than the four ring low compression piston. My thought is...
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    What can be done with an 0-235?

    My emergency landing skills are too poor to fly behind a turbo charged VW in a RV3.
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    What can be done with an 0-235?

    I have flown a 0235 C series in a Piper Colt and now same engine in my RV3. If it works weight and HP wise it is one of the best engines out there. To even compare it to a VW is not possible as they are not in same league. It is a 2400 hour TBO and much superior to a O200. It’s only downside is...
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    What is your biggest gripe about your hangar?

    I dont think so but not sure anyone has got to that point.
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    What is your biggest gripe about your hangar?

    I live near Lynchburg and my hangar is at Tullahoma (THA). One thing I forgot to mention is how our airport handles land lease. I got a 20 year lease with 20 year renewal. When I sell my hangar the new owner starts the clock over again with a new 20/20 lease.
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    What is your biggest gripe about your hangar?

    It fly great on the 0235-108hp. Somehow I mistakenly posted photo twice.
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    What is your biggest gripe about your hangar?

    I got very lucky with hangars. Our TN airport built some all metal bifold door hangars about 12 years ago and sold them to private owners. I bought a 40 by 40 as second owner then last year traded it for one of the all metal Tee hangars the city built at same time as the others. Ended up with...
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    Naval Air Museum in Pensacola is a great museum also. We go down every year to spend a few days at the Navy Lodge directly across from museum. They have the fixtures and plaques from one of my favorite Navy officers clubs, Naval Air station Cubi Point, Philippines. I have spent many hours in...
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    Hangar building

    Clutton Fred We seem to have a lot of Mexican subs in our area. I have found and used three myself over the past few years. All did great jobs, showed up on time, and did the jobs the way I wanted them done. That has not always been the case with some of the local subs I have hired. One of the...
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    Hangar building

    Rhino I hear you. I live just down the the street in Moore county. I do everything possible myself and dread the thought of having to use a contractor for the reasons you mention. Christopher equipment has helped me avoid many contractors. To those who say you can be irresponsible and be a...
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    Fastest planes on the least amount of HP

    I think the 108hp is a perfect engine for the plane. If good installation doesn’t need oil cooler. You make up for any speed loss by not having to stop For fuel as often.
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    Fastest planes on the least amount of HP

    I get 160mph cruise in my 0235 108hp RV3. About 25mpg
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    Hello from The Gambia, West Africa.

    I think you are right about not tackling too big a project as your initial build. This is especially true considering your location. Take a look at the Legal Eagle. It uses a Volkswagen engine and gives experience in all types of light aircraft construction. Being a ultralight you may not need a...
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    What was the first airplane you flew in and how old ?

    First flew in 727 Cincinnati to San Antonio via Atlanta in Jan 1967 on way to Airforce Basic Training. About three years later got my private pilot license at Vandenberg AFB flying club in C150. Cost was $7 per hour wet plus $5 per hour for instructor.
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    Backside rivet removal?

    I would start drilling with small bit that will be about size of mandrel and increase drill size one number bigger for each step until you can push out rivet body.
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    Planning the adventure of a lifetime and hello from Germany!

    I wouldn’t worry about transponder and Adsb. My RV3 has neither and not worth it to me as I might guilt flying after 52 years in the not to distant future. As far as registration issues I would look at how Canadian lite aircraft are dealt with when flying in US.