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  1. Bellaire MK

    Parts For Sale AEROPRAKT A-22 FLOATS and MOLDS

    Float molds available and ready for parts manufacture. #1 mold set will build trike floats for aircraft of 1350 displacement. Float length is 14'. #2 mold set will build floats for aircraft up to 1500 displacement. Float length is 16' Floats can be built straight or amphibs. Over $50,000+...
  2. Bellaire MK

    Bellaire SE-II Walters 65/75

    I was sent some photos to post of the Walters engine install for West Aviation. They now own design and manufacturing rights and are considering the kit and component market in the near future. The new series will use aluminum spars and ribs. Their plans are to manufacture the aircraft in...
  3. Bellaire MK

    Airplane For Sale Bellanca 14-13-3

    Bellanca 14-13 project, one complete aircraft with spare fuselage for rebuild reference. Wings in good condition, all steel tubing in good condition. $2500.00 [email protected] 863-633-8856
  4. Bellaire MK

    Airplane For Sale Aeronca 7AC

    1947 Aeronca 7AC In restoration process. All log books and current registration. A-65-8F Asking $8500.00