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    New glider design

    Hello everyone, I have been designing aircraft for eight years now, and my last post here was in 2014 for a four seat long range aircraft. Being also a glider pilot I have decided to turn my attention to them. Glider design seems pretty straightforward as everyone pretty much copies the same...
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    New design for a long range aircraft

    I finished this concept for a long range 4 seater, and I would like to push the design further, and even, maybe, one day build it. I know a bit about aircraft design, but I am not an engineer and not very good yet with computers as a design tool. I would greatly appreciate comments, help and...
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    is there a NACA air outlet?

    We know the NACA air inlet, but maybe we should be paying attention to air exiting the aircraft, is there an ideal design for an air outlet?
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    semi laminar airfoils and wing loading

    Hello everyone, I am a new member and would like to introduce myself here in Aircraft design as it is what interests me. I am a pilot (glider and aircrafts 500 hours in each), a designer by trade, an organic farmer by need and an aircraft designer by love. My daily work allows me to think a lot...