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    Another thought.
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    Yes..very, If you can obtain from production sources your much better off, I would look hard at the Sprint Car & Street Rod rear ends etc from 'Winters etc' first, even though the pinion is on centerline it might be possible to get them cut with a 'reverse' spiral for your application...they...
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    Are you going to run LH & RH rotation props, Ill assume you are as the thought of two same rotation props mounted at the effective wing tips might introduce a couple of factors I wouldnt want to have to deal with. Now with respect to the Ring & Pinion Idea, with drive being taken from both...
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    8 cylinder VW?

    Dont see why you couldnt make it work, porsche did much the same in its flat 12 with drive out of the center of crank. Two issues I can visualise in VW. 1. What will now be center exh ports on each side are going to end up very close to one another [depending on thickness of spacer used in...
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    300ci inline six

    The 300 & 240 cu in Ford Inlines must share the same cyl centerlines as the Ford 289/302/351 etc, because I read an article many years ago about cutting a pair of Boss 302 heads in half & middle to make an all out 6 banger. They used cyls 2&3 from one head in the center with cyls 1&2 on one end...
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    LS1 Engine for aircraft?

    Dont worry, after all this time of playing with mechanical stuff Im well aware of the old saying...If its mechanical it will break...sooner or later.. wont know until we try though..........
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    LS1 Engine for aircraft?

    You might have missed the bit about also using the Auto Trans oil pump to supply pressure to both the engine & converter- I intend to take all the pressure oil from the pump & pass it thru a cooler before getting to the pressure relief, then engine-converter-prop bearing. As mentioned to Starman...
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    LS1 Engine for aircraft?

    The multi engine transport with redundant everything has created a problem for you!!... not me... The aircraft I intend this application for has redundant nothing ..even the pilot:), if Anything fails its engine out force landing time... the only plus for me is that with this system the prop...
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    LS1 Engine for aircraft?

    The testing will be monitored with regard to temps & RPM differentials etc & I have provision to 'adjust' the amount of oil that will flow thru the converter. The rating of the converter is the one factor that makes this plan a little difficult... with the variations in propellers & engine power...
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    LS1 Engine for aircraft?

    You sort of got the plan Starman.. The quoted stall RPM of this converter is 2200 Engine Rpm with the trans locked in park etc. Now the prop should never be able to 'lock' up & the percentage of reduction via the converter should only be around 25% between climb engine RPM & Cruise RPM. eg...
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    LS1 Engine for aircraft?

    Have not logged in here for some time... saw the drawing a couple of posts above & thought it looked familiar:) Heres a drawing of what I am in the thro's of building testing currently, have ground run the direct drive prop/inverted application to prove out the run inverted scenario, now want...
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    Yaw stabilizing a tail dragger idea (during landing)

    In the Quickie or Dragonfly layout Ive always thought the Monowheel ala Europa would be a great solution to the otherwise ugly U/C types. Retain some nicely faired liteweight 'trainer-:devious:' wheels in the canard tips for parking & loss of groundhandling skill moments! Ask me sometime how...
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    Duramax diesel

    I dont see this having exh ports in center of Vee, looks like heat shields over 'normal' outside exhaust manifolds. Single turbo normally kills any 'V8 rumble' in the exhaust note as well.
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    Direct Drive Rotary?

    Many factory automotive water pumps are not efficient & become even less when sped up. I think its "howard stewart or maybe just stewart' who make V8 Nascar pumps that we actually can reduce the pump RPM by a large amount, yet still move sufficient coolant to keep things together @ 900HP & 9000...
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    Torsional resonance frequency questions

    Something like this should take care of the Gyro concerns.
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    Torsional resonance frequency questions

    Starman, not wishing to agree/disagree with your plan, but there are other cars with the driveline you contemplate.... Small Volvo, Pontiac Tempest,Late model Corvette, plus all the axles /torsion bars made for Nascar 9" Ford rear ends that in some cases are hollow and made in virtually every...
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    undersquare engine design

    Yes, he definitely had no text messages, internet & EAA buddies questioning his every decision, or FAA inspectors wanting everything in triplicate to annoy him! I see they even pulled another engine apart to get ideas, imagine that in todays world, those part manufacturers would be lining up...
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    undersquare engine design

    Clean sheet of paper: How much airflow ( inlet/exh port & valves ) do you need to feed the cyl volume of the engine you decide to build..... this will dictate the smallest cylinder bore size you will need... not hard to work out as @ say 2700 rpm ( max prop RPM example ) & at around 85/90%...
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    What PSRU Can we Really Trust???

    Perhaps some of the old 2 speed torque converters as fitted to Buicks, Caddys etc back in the early 60's could do with a revisit, that is or was an epicyclic gear train within the converter/fluid coupling. Only problem I can 'see' other than the possible oil heating issue ( And I am not totally...
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    P-51 Replica. It's a Slow Day, so Let's Design One.

    Tom, With regard to the english wheel, I have one & a guy who does it for a living on classic car builds to get me started ( He is good, & I just need to slow up on all the other stuff I do to be able to devote the time & patience reqd to get into it myself ). As I mentioned earlier I have...