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  1. JDub

    Parts For Sale Cleaning out the hangar MM1, O-320

    I have a Midget Mustang Project with the fuselage bones completed and the wings ready to close along with the plans. The dihedral is set, but the wing attach points still need the final ream to fit the bolts. Bolts are included. There is kit support from Mustang Aero. This particular one is to...
  2. JDub

    Lycoming O-290G Core for sale $800obo

    Just bought a project with a conversion that looks to be started at least-includes a conversion manual. I won't need it. Dual Eisenman mags. I have not taken it apart, but can pull the plugs, etc if someone is interested. Keep in mind it is a core. Have pics and can take more. I will deliver...
  3. JDub

    Varnish under steel fittings

    I've been looking as much as I can for the last couple of days for it correct practice to varnish under the steel fittings in wings (strut attach brackets for example) or to leave it bare and just varnish the structure afterwards? Second question-in a wing restoration, when removing...
  4. JDub

    Wittman Tailwind wings for sale

    I have a set of wings for sale in good shape. These are the old school square tips (per W-8 plans) with the round bottom W-10 airfoil. I will crate for shipping. Inspection holes have been cut but are sealed. Located at KRLD with a shop on the field that can look at them if you like. Open to...
  5. JDub

    Aluminum spar cap-single or double row of fasteners

    This would be specifically for a strut braced wing. What would be the difference between a single row and a double row of rivets inside the strut attach (half-span) on the spar caps? Would a double row weaken the spar if the pitch was 5/8" spacing vice a single row at 1.25" spacing (pics show...
  6. JDub

    Here goes...corrugated spar/wing idea

    I was really inspired by Orion's postings and he kind of gave me an idea. This is what I wrote to him not knowing of his passing today. It was private because it is kind of carrying on with his corrugated wing idea and I was thanking him (again-and am leaving that out of this post) for helping...