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    WANTED : C85 / C90 / 0200 Camshaft

    Hello all, I´m overhaulin´ a C85 stroker and I´m in need of a usable camshaft for this project. Anyone with such a piece laying around? Best Wlad
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    Need a crankshaft flange and bearing (revmaster ou GP) for a VW engine build

    Title speaks for itself, shipping to Brazil. Payment using PayPal or similar service.
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    Cleaning Up Garage. Jim BEDE BD-4 Book!

    Found this little gem in my garage. Need to raise some funds. Caveat? I´m in Brazil. The book is in good condition. There are some underlinings and writings from previous owner. Please see the pictures for sample pages. Given its relative rarity I want USD150 plus shipping (about USD25 to USA...
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    Pitts S1C

    Looking for a set of unused Pitts S1-C plans, reasonably priced. Will be my next build.
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    Water cooled VW head

    Hello all, Did you know about the existence of this? The site is in Portuguese. In Brazil in the late 80´s a mini car was produced using what was a basically half - vw engine with water cooled...
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    Plans For Sale

    Hi all, I'm in Brazil and right now cleaning up the garage. Found some plans that some of you might find useful (1) French version Jodel D150 Plans with serial and original purchase invoice, comes with Jodel D1050 Construction Guide (2) FRED plans with Serial (3) Duster wood glider plans, very...