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    Idea.. what airplane's

    What UL desighns could be used for my idea of a Twin using 212, 301cc 4 stroke engine?
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    so i was talking to my cousin the other day about the airplane idea.. and we came up with the idea of what if you ditched trying to find a 30HP V twin and went for a 2 engines of lower HP to power it.. could something like this work? i know there would be more support for getting HP out of...
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    Sky pup?

    What's the good bad and ugly of it?
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    Pound for pound.. electric vs gas

    How far off from hp/running time are electric powered craft vs gasoline powered.
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    Anyone here messed with a 2A042 engine, and have HP numbers RPM?
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    Prop makers?

    So who out there in the prop world is probably the best to work with as far as asking them questions, getting data and getting a prop made fir something that is not the normal run of the mill set up. As I'm thinking on a direct drive "lawn mower" engine for my prodject it won't be a easy one.
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    Members from WI??

    I know I've seen at least but who all on here who is active is from WI, would like to make some "local" contacts
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    UL training

    since it was talked about in another thread about how the 2 seat UL trainers are outlawed. i was curious how should one these days get a bit of UL training? Do's, Don'ts ect.
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    1/2 VW power output??

    has anyone ever verified the power output of the 1/2 VW engine at all i was thinking on weather or not a 800CC engine could make 30HP or not in a twin.
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    Ul insterment makers

    Who makes flying intsterments more tailored to ultralights?
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    Ul gas tank questions

    So I know it's limited to 5 us gallons but my question is, Is 5 gallons total cubic volume of the tank. Or is it 5 gallons of fuel plus expansion room. Or is it 5 gallons usable plus room fir expansion and a sump ie water trap or fuel at the bottom below the fuel pick up.
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    Ul engines

    For 4 stroke engines what is all out there? I know the 1/2 VW What else are people sticking on UL aircraft.
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    ultralight insterments/gear question

    Ok so pretent i know nothing about ultralight aircraft.. i do know some just wanted to see what you guys would recanmend here. what interments/gear do i absolutely need. what instruments would be nice if i could put them in if i had the unused for them. and what instruments are not needed...
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    legal Eagle

    i know this is probaly the wrong place to post this but has anyone here built a legal eagle before? i got a few questions i would like to ask.
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    Slippery topic here on ultralight aircraft

    Now I'm not planning on doing this by intention but if a person builds a ultralight arcraft exactly to the plans ie no changes, no mods And Flys the aircraft but later finds out its over weight by say 5lbs how much trouble would you be in? Reason fir it endin up this way can be anything. From...
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    perceptor N3 Pup Plans

    In my research before building of my Legal Eagle i was wanting to look at the Perceptor N3 pup plans and i was curious who on earth owns them now or how i could get a copy of them.
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    Piper J3 Cub Plans

    who has the best set of plans one could build a piper J3 Cub from?
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    80-90% spitfire

    anyone here building or own a 80-90% spitfire? i have some questions for you guys. i am thinking on once the plans are available again building the tally ho 80% spitfire MK I
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    Wet sump 2 stroke??

    Have any of you ever heard of or seen a wet sump 2 stroke before? im not sure how it would work on a gas engine i know it works in a desile but im not sure on a gas engine though.
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    Neat oil Airtical

    evan if you have a 2 cycle this is a interesting read.