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    Finally got to fly my skyraider!

    Carb still needs some work. only flew here for a few minutes. landed and found a valve cover leaking. but a great start i feel like. Dont some guys run vented vavle covers?
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    Static Thrust Number?

    Hello gents! I am interested in what others are reporting for static trust numbers. my baseline last weekend was 216lbs. this was my 1835cc at 2800rpm with a 60x28 prop. my crab settings still need to be dialed in and my timing was a few degrees low. i am going to build a oil box around my...
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    Cam for 1835cc

    Good afternoon Gents! what are most guys using for cams? stock or a just a bump over stock?
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    Rebuilding my Sky raiders 1835

    Hello guys! I wanted to share my project that i started this winter. I purchase my sky raider that has a 20 year old Scott C. engine. First thing I did was a oil change. It did not look good. so pulled the engine. The trust bearing for the cam was smoked!. wrist pins bushings also pretty. Worst...