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  1. Dennis DeFrange


    Doe's anyone on the forum here have a set of drawings for inverted oil system on a Continental O-200 ? I once had a set of plans for the early Cassutt and there was a sheet in the plans with drawings to modify the oil tank and also had a slide mechanism on the oil suction tube . If anyone has...
  2. Dennis DeFrange


    I'm needing a set of used main bearings to assemble a (mock up) Continental O-200 so I can build a motor mount and fit the cowling . My shaft is standard / standard . All I am needing is a set of mains . If you have a set that you've removed I'll be happy to buy them . Either post or Pm or 918...
  3. Dennis DeFrange

    O-200 GPU

    I'm rattling it around in my head , the idea of Continental O-200 GPU cylinders on an O-200 case and shaft in order to run the intake manifold and spider on top of the engine with the TBI forward mounted and filters angled to both air inlet eyebrows . From what I've seen the GPU feeds from the...
  4. Dennis DeFrange

    Acessory case for O-200

    Looking for an accesory case for a Continental O-200 Putting a dummy engine together so it need not be certifiable . 918 916 0140 Dennis
  5. Dennis DeFrange

    O-200 Crankshaft

    I'm trying to find a Continental O-200 (non certifiable) crankshaft . Getting close to fabbing a motor mount for my Smith Mini and putting a mock up engine together . All that I've located , so far are on the , either Left or Right coast and shipping has gotten outa hand so the closer the better...
  6. Dennis DeFrange

    Tailwheels for sale

    I have two tailwheels that I would like to sale . One is a Maule . It is in good condition (appears to having been rebuilt) nothing loose but a bit dirty . It is being offered with several extra parts that appear mostly new . The tire appears new along with an extra tire that is usable also . I...
  7. Dennis DeFrange


    I'm in the process of selecting a prop and the Carbon fiber WhirlWind has caught my attention . Ground adjustable and easy on the wallet . Can be purchased with matching spinner . Going on a Continental O 200 / Smith MiniPlane . Open for comments . THANX DENNIS
  8. Dennis DeFrange


    I'm looking for a source that would print out actual size , 36'' cord prints of three different airfoils . I need the prints for the Clark Y , M6 , and NACA 23012 . If anyone on here knows of a reliable source I'd definitely appreciate hearing from ya . Thanx
  9. Dennis DeFrange


    I'm still looking for an engine mount for a Smith MiniPlane . Need one for a Continental O200 . found a mount for a Lycoming but the O200 is the direction that i'm going . PM me if ya know the whereabouts or have one . THANX Dennis
  10. Dennis DeFrange


    Just ran across this Forum . Looks totally interesting . I look forward to following . Names Dennis and go by Footloose . Glad to be here and Thanx for lettin me ride along .