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    water jet cutting

    Good Day everyone , Are there any issues having parts in aluminium cut with a waterjet . The reason I ask was that I was told that the water jet may ingrain some garnett in the edge and that could be the start of a stress crack . Any thoughts.
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    bending a wing spar

    I am building a 750 cruzer. The main wing spar is too long for my press brake and I would like some input as I would like to stagger bend it(the spar) . By this I mean bend say 15 degrees ,then move the piece up and bend the remainder , increase the bend angle and repeat the process till the...
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    practice pieces in 1010 and bonding

    Good day all, I am starting to build a cruzer and as I have a good sheet metal shop including come cnc stuff I would like some input as to if it is a good idea to trial make the pieces out of 1010, form them and remake the piece in 6061-t6. The two main reasons for this is a 1010 is available...
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    tolerance on formed parts

    Good Day all. Can anyone throw some light on the size tolerance say of a formed rib. My rib formers (for a 750 cruzer) have been cut on a water-jet cutter. I drew the template , but it is drawn by a series of co-ordinates and you have to connect the dots. This I did by joining them with a...
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    6061-t6 vs 6082 ?

    Good Day all Is it possible to substitute 6082 instead of 6061 t6. Not sure of the temper of the 6082 ,will find out. The reason is 6082 is locally available,otherwise it is an import. thanks