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    Proppastie, have you seen....

    Chris Heintz's book Flying in your Own Wings? He pays a lot of attention to the inboard part of the spar and explains why as well. He is the "H" in the HR prefix of Robin aircraft because he designed their metal wings. Also the Stressing Structure series in Kitplanes had a discussion on...
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    New Erich Hartmann Bio

    Black Tulip by Erik Schmidt. I have just started it but it is supposed to be a more critical biography than prior works. I am hoping it is more like Albert Speer: His battle with Truth. We will see.
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    Perimeter of airfoil

    What is the formula for calculating the perimeter of an airfoil? I was working with a wing torsion formula and I can't find this in the books. Many thanks and I hope this isn't as stupid a question as it seems.
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    Can't get enough Melmoth? Watch this...
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    Raven Friction Clutch

    I have Raven's manual but it does not have a picture of the friction slip clutch that the drive had. In one of Dan Horton's descriptions of the Raven drive he said there was a dry friction clutch in the upper sprocket that handled the worst of the torsionals. Does any have picture of descript of...
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    What do REAL Aerodynamicists do at Work!?! I love the quote "I don't know why, I'm still trying to figure it out."
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    Mike Fisher

    I'm working in Jackson, Ohio today and I started talking to a guy driving an end loader and I asked what he does for work around here and he says "I built airplanes for awhile" and I almost started jumping up and down. I said what kind and he said " a Waco replica and these little wood things...
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    Trip Down Memory Lane

    Found this and had to share...
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    Falconar Golden Hawk

    So with all of Falconar-Avia being sold off who got the Golden Hawk? That was the Aerolites canard two seater.
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    New Kitplanes Website

    Kitplanes has a new website. They only have back issues online back to 2004.
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    Harris Woods Biplanes and Monoplane

    I was reading about and looking at pictures of Harris Woods' various aircraft and saw he did both biplanes and monoplanes. He had some plans built aircraft and some one-offs. So here are a few questions: Why did he use a biplane config on some of his planes and a high wing on others? Did he get...
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    Moment of Inertia Formula I would like to apologize for the broad nature of my question but can't wrap my head around the answer. On page 22 of this paper they do the moment of inertia calcs for a prop. They use the falling weight method. The author's give the...
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    Rowe UFO Video

    Not sure if anyone has posted this one before. It has some cockpit footage.
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    Miller TM-5

    Whatever happened to Terry Miller and his TM-5?
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    Sunburst and Luminary

    The person who "saved" Apollo 14 with an abort workaround has written a memoir of his experiences. The reason I am posting it here is that he has formed a publishing company with the stated goal of writing for people who are more technically literate than most publishers expect from readers...
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    Darryl Greenamyer

    Avweb reported the death earlier today. If there was anybody worthy of a good biography it is this person. SR-71, Conquest, speed records, salvaging aircraft or his efforts in the Sport Racing class he was interesting. Stories anyone?
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    Edwin Merkel

    Did anyone here know Ed Merkel of Merkel biplane fame?
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    Rolling up aluminium to carry

    I have some 12 foot sheets of .025 aluminium that is flat and I want to roll it up to move it. Can it be done and any ideas?
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    Aircraft Wing Design (Worked Example) This provides a path to wing design where the math is shown and justified by text.
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    Dave Anders Kitplanes Article

    Dave Anders wrote an article on induction air. Knowing his past I am inclined to believe everything he says but do any of you have any comments. He didn't have anything like Paser did in his book and Anders also spoke more highly of NACA inlets than I have read previously.