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    Modern day "motorcycle of the air" aircraft class?

    Oh man, from the thumbnail I thought the pilot was facing the other way. Inverted V canards would not just give that aircraft a "motorcycle" feel, it would give it a "speederbike" feel. I would have to stop myself from shooting fuzzy brown creatures as I flew by!
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    Raspberry Pi based Avionics

    I think you're probably right. People have used the raspberry pi as a hub/server for home automation systems, with arduinos to gather sensor data and control devices for each location. With something like that you might be able to have the arduinos also send their data to a simple backup 16x2...
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    Brother Label Maker or Set of labels from ACS?

    We just use a label maker at work. We put some clear sealant (can't remember what it's called, though) over it to protect it. I'm sure that's all ACS will do, too.
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    Raspberry Pi based Avionics

    It seems this platform can be run on different hardware. So arduino is still an option. I'm biased towards the Pi myself. though. haha
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    Raspberry Pi based Avionics

    I just found this on reddit. Avilution: Avionics from scratch - AOPA Very interesting!
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    Instructable: Building an Electric Motorcycle

    There are a few instructables out there for EVs. All are pretty good, baring the choice of cells. There is also Endless sphere (as mentioned) and DIY Electric Car, and Ecomodder forums. The latter two are very good. Oh, and Elmoto. As far as electric aircraft go: Man, I wish. I looked into...
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    Instructable: Building an Electric Motorcycle

    Augh he used lead acid batteries. Gross. Even more so on a bike. It's lithium or nothing, for me.
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    Eliminate stuff: Conceiving a minimalist light aircraft

    I like the idea, but I would think the extra effort of ailerons compared to a new control scheme with 2axis would be minimal.
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    Simplified electronic gauge format

    Hey cluttonfred, any news about this?
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    Simplified electronic gauge format

    You can get addressable LEDs for fairly cheap, and small. Sparkfun has these which I think are kinda neat. Maybe with this in the centre? There are nicer, graphical LCDs in the same size range, but really if you're going to display numbers then one of those would be fine. For the compass you...
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    Educate me on magnetic compasses

    Aircraft whiskey compasses are calibrated for magnetic north, taking the local variations caused by the aircraft into account. They're adjusted with everything running, including the engines, so any stray magnetic field caused by the instruments can be compensated for. A basic DG will be...
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    Series hybrid questions

    The way I see it, your battery pack would need to be able to provide enough power to get you from the end of the runway to the top of climb. With the generator running it should provide enough power to keep the props spinning at cruise setting, with extra to pump into the batteries. Years ago...
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    Post pictures of your cockpit with instruments here...

    That's how airliner instruments are laid out - if they're steam driven. Everything lines up when everything is normal.
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    A $2 controller for your home made instrument

    It's not exactly a $2 thing, but I made a watch face for my Moto360 that used tasker to get the altitude, and vsi data from my phone's barometer and displayed it in a fairly traditional way. Of course it was kinda cluttered and the watch battery kinda tanked... But if you already have a...
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    Electric Power Systems

    I'd say your max continuous power should be whatever your aircraft's normal cruise power would be. The peak power might be only for 1 minute or something, but if you're somewhere between max continuous and peak power you ought to be able to sit there for longer. Say max peak for takeoff, then...
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    Electric Power Systems

    Batteries are the main problem area. Motenergy make brushed DC motors with around 23kW peak output (1 minute) and around 11kW continuous output - which is probably where the whole "half the horsepower" thing came from. IC Engines are rated in peak power, electric motors are rated in continuous...