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  1. horchoha

    Bushmaster II

    It's been a few years since I posted on the site. The Bushmaster II is now for sale. You can view the build pics in my album. Here's the particulars. Silvaire Buhmaster II, Rotax 532UL DCSI, GSC prop, ASI, Alt, VSI, Comp, EGT, Volt, Tach, Water Temp, FL760 COM Radio, Sigtronics SPO22 Transcom...
  2. horchoha

    It was now or never

    Well, I finally had the experience of getting into my own plane, taxing out to my runway and..... The week before, my instructor handed me my Pilot Log Book and said "you're done, you've met all the requirements for your licence". My lessons were finished. It was now or never. It was Sunday Dec...
  3. horchoha

    Wooden snow ski plans

    Would anyone have any idea where I could get a hold of some plans to fabricate some wooden snow skis. I've looked at water skis, but they're 2" too narrow and 12" too short. I'm looking for something around 8" wide and 5' long. Any suggestions? Perry
  4. horchoha

    RagWing R20 Stork

    Anyone out there have the Rag Wing R20 Stork plans? Just toying with the idea. Any opinions? Perry
  5. horchoha

    2 Qt Kits of Paint

    I have for sale 2 unopened qt kits of Stewart Systems paint. I had ordered more than I needed. 1 kit is Bahama Blue, the other is Madrid Red. Both are complete kits with unopened part B catalyst. I'm asking $50 a kit plus USPS shipping charges. Perry
  6. horchoha

    Just some humor

    This is probably an old one but it's new to me. Three guys sitting at a bar, an optimist, a pesimist, and an engineer. Bartender come up with a glass and sets it on the bar. He puts 1/2 a glass of water in it. Optimist looks at it and says,'glass looks half full'. Pesimist looks at it and...
  7. horchoha

    Just wondering???

    As most of you probably can see, I'm a man of few words but I'm wondering...... Has anyone ever named their plane (other than the reg #)? Is it good luck or bad luck to name a plane? Is it just a vanity thing? Reason I'm asking (as I'm unwinding with a rum and coke) is that the project I started...
  8. horchoha

    Taking a break.....

    Will be taking a break from the deep freeze here in Alberta and heading to Barbados next week for a couple of weeks. When we were there last year , we had the opportunity to see the Concorde G-BOAE. Alpha Echo now sits in a museum there and is displayed quite nicely. You get to go through the...
  9. horchoha

    Fabric covering

    Just took the plunge and ordered materials from Stewart Systems, it's a water based/waterborne covering system. Probably breaking new ground here, but what the hey, somebody's got to try it. Reasons to try this product is that winter in Alberta can get to 20 - 30 below F. I can heat the shop...
  10. horchoha

    Has anyone seen this plane?

    I remember watching a movie a few years ago that had a very neat small twin engine plane in it. The movie was either in Africa, New Zealand, or Austrailia?? It was a wide body in which you opened up the windsheild to get in from the front, it was a 2 seat side by side. It had a couple of small...
  11. horchoha

    shear web grain orientation

    I am about to start construction on "U" type or "C" type spars. The top of the spar is 1 1/4" x 3/4" Sitka. The bottom of the spar is 3/4" x 3/4" Sitka. I've been reading on the web that the strongest web is 45 degree grain to the spar. I plan on using 1/8" baltic birch and cutting the 5' x 5'...
  12. horchoha

    rotax 532 installation

    Hi all I'm doing a Rotax 532 tractor inverted installation. Looking for ideas for single rad installs and engine mounts. I understand a 503 mount will work with some modification on the carb side. Any pics would be appreciated. The airplane is a Bushmaster II, built in Alberta, Canada in the...