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    Favorite Stripper

    Following this! I’ve tried several of the most popular ones and they all suck now.
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    Parts Wanted Wanted: Acrosport 1 plans

    Why no just buy them from Aircraft Spruce?
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    Jungster 1 & 2 aircraft

    Yea the first one without an engine. It's been for sale a while, also has one that is torn apart even further. Just day dreaming right now and waiting for Fighting 14 to finally give us a PIREP!
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    Jungster 1 & 2 aircraft

    Anyone know the details of the yellow Jungster I that's been for sale on the various sites in Erie PA? It falls into the category of cheaper than you can build it, but too expensive to justify buying it unless you already have an engine sitting around.
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    Jungster 1 & 2 aircraft

    That looks great flitz! I imagine getting into the front cockpit is best left to limber slimmer folk!
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    What can be done with an 0-235?

    Depends on the model of O-235. If it's a C2C you really shouldn't do the HC upgrade without having the case machined to accept the larger corner studs. If it's an L2C you could do the HC, maybe some porting, and run a fine prop to increase the rpm.
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    Why are C150s (and other trainers/entry level planes) suddenly so expensive??

    You could do a field overhaul for half that or less. I bought 4 new cylinders and sent every component of my last O-200 out for inspection. Granted only the cam needed to be worked on I still ended up with less than 10k in parts and labor.
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    Why are C150s (and other trainers/entry level planes) suddenly so expensive??

    There are a few reasons for this trend that have caused the perfect storm. 1. Financing has gotten easier 2. The value of a dollar is crap right now 3. Everything else has gotten more expensive so people can justify the higher price of an airplane in their head. 4. The airlines are on their...
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    Experimental Aircraft Oxygen Systems

    I like my Skyox system. It’s an on demand system yet uses no batteries or electronics. It may not be as efficient as the digital ones but it’s a whole lot better than continuous flow. I refill from a tall oxygen tank I get from a welding supply store with no issues.
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    The Lazair Ultralight

    I met Pastor Legrand a few years ago, bought a Cessna 150 project from him. Fascinating guy to say the least. So many accomplishments and skills. Always liked the Lazair, tried to buy one out of Liberty once but Legrand beat me to it.
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    GHS Aviation Rans S-21

    Love the S-21. Too rich for my budget but that seems to be the direction of most new kits. More prefab work and more cost. Would love one with a 915 or one of the new UL Turbo's.
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    Looks like it's been sitting a very long time. Even at that low price it doesn't make financial sense to restore it but hopefully someone will. The wait list for a T-hangar is up to 80 now so I will watch this one slip by.
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    That's a steal for somebody. If I had a hangar to keep it in I would be on my way down to get it.
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    WWII replica plans available in 2021?

    The Thunder Mustang is a good performer the S-51 not especially. Hard to find specs on the S-51 but from what I recall it was a 215 knt airplane on 450 hp.
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    WWII replica plans available in 2021?

    I love the look of replica WWII fighters but there are reasons they have never caught on in big numbers. They are difficult to build and either fly well but perform poorly, or perform well and fly poorly. There aren't that many people willing to put the time and effort into building a single...
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    There are 2-3 complete kits currently available for sale. The new owners have a nice supply of spares and all the tooling to go back into production. Their current primary focus is in supporting the current fleet and getting the Spirit model ready for production. There are a couple people...
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    I have a Questair Venture and love it. It’s a pain to work on but nothing can touch the speed and efficiency. The Venture does SX300 speeds on 280 hp and stalls 10 knots slower. Coming back from Oshkosh I was getting 230ktas on 10.5 gph at 15.5.
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    Putting a tapered wing on an RV

    Exactly! If they would give the Mustang II a wider cockpit, better flaps, and modern kit building technologies I would be all over it.
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    Putting a tapered wing on an RV

    I wish they would come out with a nicer looking wing. I would put a few more hours of work into having a nicer looking airplane.
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    Who here has no need/intention to add ADS-B OUT?

    I have it on my cross country plane. When I had a Cessna 150 for knocking around I didn’t instal it and wouldn’t have. There were a lot of airports under the mode c veil I missed going to. You can file for an exemption if you plan to go to a particular airport.