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    Jurca me109

    I know of 1 full size build going on Fuselage tube frame done and on wheels
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    Jurca me109

    Sorry had the nomenclature off. I am doing the 3/4 scale mj9 Just getting rolling. Lots of redrawing to do. F How far along are you ?
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    Jurca me109

    Looking for anybody out there building a jurca mj90 ?
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    Orginal Jurca P-40 Plans

    Copterdoc If they are still for sale I'll be happy to take them Thanks Chuck
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    Jurca P-40 plans

    Just checking, based on the traffic, these are sold correct ?
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    Daimler Benz DB601/603/605

    So far an E model full scale flyable. Been in the one at flying heritage collection in seattle and take lots of picts everytime I go up there. Have all the docs from the german museum for E & G. A fair number of books. Youtube has a good video on the fuselage construction. Starting out...
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    BF-109 Blueprint DVD Review

    I'm in the process of building a scratch E replica and have bought several different drawing offerings and had the same results you I've spent hrs going through the parts manuals to associated the drawings with a fair share of dead ends. The upside is there are measurements and they can be...
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    Warbird museum archives, manuals and plans original sources WW2

    I was searching the net for folks on the 109 hunt and came across this thread and was wondering if you guys have a complete set for the 109 E as I'd be interested as I'm doing a full scale 109E replica. I have gotten quite a bit of documentation from but plans have...
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    Greetings to everyone, from Melbourne - Australia

    I was searching the net for folks doing a 109 replica and saw this thread. I'm doing an E and just started the tailplane. your's looks quite good. Was wondering where you got drawings ? I've been picking them up here and there thanks
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    Daimler Benz DB601/603/605

    was searching the net for info on this topic, am building a 109E full size replica and was wondering if you got anywhere with the docs. I did get the set from and looking for one for sale or take it on