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  1. piepermd

    Is this structural?

    I’m wondering if the crosspiece tube to which the rudder trim wheel is mounted provides needed structural support to the fuselage of my P-51 replica. I am installing a new panel and that tube needs to be removed to fit the correct instruments. The tube at right angles to the longerons can...
  2. piepermd

    Rivet nuts in tubes?

    Quick question- Would there be any significant reduction in the structural strength of a 1” diameter steel tube longeron if a series of small holes were to be drilled, say 6 or 8 mm holes along a line at 12-18 inch intervals? This is for placement of rivet nuts for attachment of cockpit skins...
  3. piepermd

    Sheet aluminum over fiberglass?

    Hello, all! I am endeavoring to make my 3/4 scale P-51 replica’s interior as faithful to the original as possible. Previously there were just some leather and fabric panels screwed into thread inserts in the fiberglass cockpit walls. I would like to attach thin aluminum panels instead using...
  4. piepermd

    Reduction Ratios

    Hello, all! First post here. I just bought a Jurca 3/4 P-51 restoration project which includes a Geschwender PSRU mated to a small block Ford 400 engine. The PSRU is geared at 2.66:1, and I am wondering why it is geared so high. It seems this would require quite high engine RPM at cruise which...