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    Volunteers wanted for 3/4 Mustang Replica !

    I have replied and attached a PDF which contains some drawings in another reply. I do not know how detailed they are.
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    Volunteers wanted for 3/4 Mustang Replica !

    Can you put me in touch with him ? Shipping will be my problem !
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    Volunteers wanted for 3/4 Mustang Replica !

    Ok guys, sorry for my late reply. I will leave here a PDF from the complete collection of drawings I have. I do not know how detailed they are. Can you start drawings the formers in 2D CAD , such as DXF/DWG, in order to cut them on the CNC ? Many thanks.
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    Volunteers wanted for 3/4 Mustang Replica !

    Anyone wishes to join as a free volunteer or sponsor in order to build a 3/4 Mustang Replica ? I will provide the proffesional drawings for free. Only serious replies, please, otherwise topic will be closed !!!
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    Airplane Wanted Donations for Museum project!

    Hello again. My aviation museum project recently appeared on the famous AVBuyer Europe magazine (google it), june edition, at page 6. If you have a finished, unfinished project, a kit, an old frame that you would like to donate, just send me a pm! All previous sponsors who helped me with small...
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    P-51 Mustang Replica Tehnical Question

    Thank you for taking the time to respond. You are all very kind and I am glad I met such passionate people. To respond to your replies, a stress engineer told me that 6 mm steel is too thick and too heavy and it will create problems. For the other matter, I don't have any money to buy an entire...
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    P-51 Mustang Replica Tehnical Question

    I am planning to build a P-51 Mustang 1:1 Replica. I will make it flyable. I have all the parts/pieces from the structure ready to cut and assemble. From what material and what thickness should I use for this structure to be strong (to support human weight) and also light in the same time ...
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    Donation wanted for museum

    I am opening a new aviation museum . Looking to receive as donation for static display a complete airframe, a mockup, a replica or a project. Or anything else. Thank you.
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    Aviation Museum Project

    Hello, my name is Marian Madalin, mechanical engineer and aviation passionate. I am trying to open myself a small aerospace museum or open space for any kind of aircraft here in my country(Romania). The project is entirely nonprofit and will be based exclusively on donations. It is more like an...