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    New Member Intro & First Build Questions

    BD-4. Beauty is in the eye of the beer-holder. Erik in Oz.
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    V8 engine Cessna 172

    HAHAHA.....ok, that explains it. Thanks mcrae0104. You are never too old to learn. Erik in Oz.
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    V8 engine Cessna 172

    It is called THEFT. Plain and simple. People go to jail for stealing. Erik in Oz.
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    V8 engine Cessna 172 THAT is scary.
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    V8 engine Cessna 172

    Look, call me a stupid Aussie, but my question is dead serious. Please explain to me what the Holiday Inn has to do with anything. Please? Erik in Oz.
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    Why are C150s (and other trainers/entry level planes) suddenly so expensive??

    Guys, brilliant discussion. One of the better ones I have read in a long time. A family member used to say: It`s not the A*h that asks the price, it`s the A*h that PAYS the price. While I am not an economist (mine engineering is my line), I have a hobby sideline as a gun dealer. Now, in...
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    Almost the same, as flying !!

    Bille, congratulations to both your beautiful spouse and you. Finding the right person to share your life with, is not easy. Many happy anniversaries for the both of you. Erik in Oz.
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    Unrelated, but also related: I am not a glider pilot, though I have been up with friends a couple of times. The question: Why do glider pilots, and passengers, wear parachutes when flying? I am not pulling legs here, but a glider seems to me the one aircraft where a parachute is really NOT...
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    Mazda Rotary Engine

    Or, you can hang the old IO-470 on the nose. Check oil, check fuel, and go fly. Sorry, couldn`t resist. Erik in Oz.
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    Raptor NG Discussion

    Hi people For some reason I keep coming back to this company called Vasyfans. Italian mob that manufacture fans from R/C sizes, right uo to Pseudo-jet sizes. Please have a look at their site, and give your honest opinion of especially the large, extra-performance ones. Erik in Oz.
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    Twin-prop single engine gyro

    Hello Mig29 Yes, the same idea, although the one I saw looked more rough, open cockpit a-la Benson style and others and the props were in tractor configuration. What would the benefit and/or advantages/disadvantages be on this style? Thanks for your reply. Erin in Oz.
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    Twin-prop single engine gyro

    Hello chaps. I am looking for some info on a gyrocopter I saw somewhere on the web, but can't find again. It is basically a conventional looking machine, but instead of the pusher prop, the engine drives two props, mounted on booms to the left and right of the pilot. Someone knows which one I am...
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    Jurca me109

    Last part of your post: exactly my point. 109 u/c + low hour pilots + wartime stresses = pilot deaths.
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    Jurca me109

    More German flyboys got killed by that landing gear than by enemy action.
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    Engine for Stewart Headwind?

    I know it's considered old fashion and inefficient, but man, that row of v-belts just "does" it for me. Inspires confidence....Yes, I know..
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    New glider design

    Not a glider pilot, but please put up a link to your 2014 long distance four seat plane design. Erik in Oz
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    Raptor NG Discussion

    A friend had the saying "A fool and his money MUST be soon parted".
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    Why Jets fly high and propellers can't keep up

    Fairly aggressive pitch on those prop blades. Looks like the pitch could be fixed, as well. Talk about a runway lover.... Erik in Oz.