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    Are these Corvair heads useable?

    One has damage to intake port, the other has a big dent in corner of intake
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    Parts For Sale KR2 Project - Complete Airframe, Lots of extras

    This is a slightly stretched KR2 project, with all the parts and subassemblies to complete the airframe. The workmanship has been rated by KR owners as excellent, even exceptional, with a well thought out plan that paid attention to detail. Weights on the project are right on target to result in...
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    Parts Wanted used Corvair Conversion Manual

    I'm looking for a used 0100 Corvair Conversion Manual. Have built an aircraft VW, I just want to see how much work building a Corvair would be.. If anyone has a spare or old copy, I think that will let me know if I should buy the new manuals from them.
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    Parts For Sale Parts for Lycoming O-145 for sale

    I have a box of parts from a 1938 engine, 65 HP: 4- Valve covers with the big 'L' on them 8- brand new Champion spark plugs 8- new and clean rocker arms 1- pretty complete exhaust system from a J-3 Cub, I think 1- airbox - a bit dented but original 1- set of complete pushrods in original tubes...
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    Lamb undercarriage in a KR2 - seeking any info at all

    I have two KR2 projects, and trying to decide which to finish. I just learned at this months' KR Gathering in Missouri, that one has Lamb mains and nose gear on it. I'm looking for a parts manual, exploded diagrams, owners manual, etc - to decide if I should keep it or replace it. I've found...