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    What High Temp Hose To Use With Tial Wastegate?

    Sorry for the delay in response... Good ideas. I think I will go with the AN fitting and B nut to a short length of aluminum hose then to the flex hose
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    What High Temp Hose To Use With Tial Wastegate?

    Ross, Lelievre, and others who are really sharp on turbochargers in experimental airplanes, I installed the Tial V60 Wastegate and I am happy with the choice. What I am not happy about is that I keep melting/ burning the hose that is used to open the pneumatic wastegate. When running LOP at...
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    Hangar Storage Loft Ideas/ Experience Please

    Good information... always grateful for the advice
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    Hangar Storage Loft Ideas/ Experience Please

    Hey there Cyber Airplane Friends, I want to build a loft in the back of my hanger and I was wondering if if you all had any pictures/Dream Project ideas you could share or some experience or I wish I cohlda or woulda idead you have had with this project. One of the many questions for those...
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    Experimental Aircraft Oxygen Systems

    >Best thing now is the portable o2 concentrators. No o2 refills! Mine has lasted as long as I need it to and it’s good tom18k. Aviation Consumer Mag had a great review on them not long ago. What device did you get? This sounds like a good approach... for those who have done the research on...
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    Experimental Aircraft Oxygen Systems

    Wow this thread and the knowledge/ experience shared is amazing...THANKS!!!
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    Engine Power?

    How does someone determine the amount of power the engine is producing? Is there an accurate calculator available online where you can plug and chug out the magic number? Take an IO-540 and there is the angle valve version and the parallel valve version of the engine so...if...all of the...
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    Engine Monitor Diagnostics Trend Line Chart Book/ Video/ Training Course?

    So most airplane nowadays have the fancy engine monitor system that records the engine and flight parameters and we all upload them to Savvy. Some of us even pay for the 179 dollar extra service where we can have the experts look at the charts and give advice and that is a really good service...
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    Lycoming IO-540 Angle Valve Cooling Baffle Kit?

    Does anyone make an engine cooling baffle kit for the angle valve Lycoming? I see Vans has a nice kit but that is only for the parallel valve engine. Thanks for the leads!!!
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    Performance Spreadsheet With Graphs?

    I would like to produce some professional performance graphs for my airplane. I have conducted a number of flights at different power MAP/ RPM/ ALT combinations and I would like to find some kind of spreadsheet that if I plugged the data into it would produce some professional looking graphs...
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    Experimental Aircraft Oxygen Systems

    I did the olde Google search of Experimental Air Oxygen Systems and it seems that there is not a great deal of information available online. With that in mind I wanted to reach out to the information brain trust to see what you all have already researched on the subject of a canual based...
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    What Lycoming Engine Do I Have... Standard/ Wide Flange??

    Good information thanks... >Dave Prizio's "Powering Your Plane" You just added a book to my Christmas list. On one of the three days of winter we get here in Arizona I will snuggle up by the fire with a cup of coffee and read this book and thank Billski...
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    What Lycoming Engine Do I Have... Standard/ Wide Flange??

    Good information...THANKS. OK it looks like I have a "angled valve narrow (standard) deck engine since my cylinders are held on with the internal hex head. So what was the reason for the change? It seems that they had the original design and then went with a wide deck...because it is...
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    What Lycoming Engine Do I Have... Standard/ Wide Flange??

    My engine logbook and a stamp on the crankcase says the engine is a "L-10748-48" and I was told that it came out of a Super Viking so I look at the Viking POH and it says that Lycoming engine offered is a IO-540-K1A5, K1B5, K1E5 and it says "300 HP engine with max continuous HP turbocharged of...
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    Tightly Cowled Cirrus Engine???

    Ive seen the Lopresti cowling mods and I can see that they move the cooling inlets closer to the propeller and are circular in shape and the design is such that the propeller pushes the air into the cowling with more force.
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    Celera 500l Progress

    Has anyone heard of any progress on the Celera 500L? Yes they are super quiet about their operation however there was a great deal of buzz around the prototype flying and a couple of articles/ ScrewTube videos and then silent. Seems like a nice concept...
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    Pusher cowling ideas

    >I know that exhaust pipes can be insulated with high temp wrap. I don't know if muffler itself could be insulated as well. Please do not do this!!! Yes the wrap is fire proof and it will insulate../.however...if you wash your engine compartment with mineral spirits then that solvent and oil...
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    Defend Raptor

    The electric fan nacelles are going to create a bunch of drag because the air will be flowing between the fuselage and the nacelle. If he would move both fan nacelles inboard and fair them into the sidewall of the fuselage that that drag interference point would be reduced and the asymmetric...
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    10/23 Raptor Video

    Does anyone know if the Raptor has made it safely to its new home? One point that I have not seen brought up here (or the last thread) is the monetization he made with his YouTube channel. How much money was sent to him each month by all of us watching his Truman Show twice a week...that could...
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    10/23 Raptor Video

    So funny...after that post I was watching some YouTube videos and guess what popped up...Great comparison of the Raptor verses Dark Aero THANKS Ross!!!