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    Vertical tail volume coefficients - what am I missing?

    The Archaeopteryx foot launched glider has a vertical stab that looks big in comparison to conventional gliders, I guess it is so that the tail boom can be shorter to allow launching without the tail hitting the hill. Grimace, if you are still watching this thread I would like to see some...
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    Easy Riser for X-plane

    Thanks Peter A question on the airfoil, how does Planemaker use the airfoil to calculate the aerodynamics. Did you copy the shape from the image at 3:58 in your video and draw the 3d model using that shape or do you have to make .dat file for it. I understand that it is based on an Eiffel...
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    modern equivalent to doped canvas?

    Good summary here, im just taking a tea break from building a stitch and glue double kayak.
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    modern equivalent to doped canvas?

    Ballistic Nylon is often used, its tough, see the video on the link below.
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    Hi I whant to buy aircraft like this or aircraft no more than 70 kg

    Since they look like gum trees in the background I think it is a Wheeler/Skycraft Scout.
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    99lb/45kg primary glider

    Following this with interest, it reminds me of Mitjas thread of some years ago for an UL sailplane As far as reducing frontal area drag the pilot could be more reclined like the Archaeoptryx or the...
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    Existing single cantilever tubular spar wing designs?

    I have a book called Gossamer Odyssey by Morton Grosser, the Condors tube structure was etched internally with swimming pool chlorine I think. By filling the tubes when vertical and the chemicals poured in at the top then the lower part of the tube was etched more than the top due to the length...
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    Real or doctored photo?

    The event recreated in DCS World simulator
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    Ultralight Biplanes

    Not conventional but a biplane and ultralight.
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    Foot-Launch and the Klingberg wing MK II

    Been following the Klingberg wing Mk 2 videos with interest. After watching one of his recent videos where he had issues with leading edge fabrication, I suggested in the comments he should check out BoKu's puddlejumper thread using aluminum sheet as a form. Does X plane give an idea of the...
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    RoofTop Scale testing

    Hang glider certification uses truck top testing.
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    blanik L-13 glider, fowler flap

    Dug through some very old photos as I thought I had one of the Blanik flap unfortunately the photo only shows half of it but confirms it is a straight slot at least the forward section is. If your design is like the the BKB 1 will it have elevons like the Millenium or are is it going to it...
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    Issues and Solutions for kit- and plans-based sailplanes and motorgliders

    As someone who flew gliders then hang gliders in the 70s and 80s and recently soled in gliders again after 45 years I would love to see plans for something with a better performance than the Goat and a lot cheaper than the Archaeopteryx available. The design by UltraIajt on HBA , I think it...
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    UL SAILPLANE - Footlaunchable, foldable

    Maybe one day soon I hope. Mitja did you ever make a RC model of your Kanja design? If so i would like to see some photos.
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    UL SAILPLANE - Footlaunchable, foldable

    Mitja Glad you are back on the project, I have been following it since the start.. Im would like to understand more about the airfoil selection, there seems to be two approaches. The Kanja airfoil is similar to that of the Impact and Atos flying wing hang gliders, you have a sketch on your...
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    Turnigy RotoMax 150cc Size Brushless Outrunner Motor Details of the setup at the end of the video
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    a Greek Foam-Composite Airchair attempt

    A bit more information that I had found on the Inholland version of the Kanja, the drawing shows the rib layout, though I dont know if this is what was built. Autoreply I hope you can find the report, I would be interested to know what airfoil they used. DeltaMan, this is a link to the...
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    a Greek Foam-Composite Airchair attempt

    DeltaMan I look forward to see how your project progresses. Apart from the planes mentioned in post 11 have you seen the UL glider manufactured by Delft University students. It was aluminum fuselage with composite wings and tail. I have not been able to find much information on it apart from a...
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    Sandlin Goat or Similar

    Thanks for that lr27. I have downloaded XFLR5, I must learn how to use it! In a months time I am going for a flight in a Dimona H36 which is as far as I know is the only production aircraft which uses the FX 63-137 airfoil.