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    Offset Marking Tool

    Seems like a simple example for a DIY tool.
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    Useful links engineering, metalworking, woodworking, calculators ADVANCED ENGINEERING DESIGN LIFETIME PERFORMANCE AND RELIABILITY Chapter 1: Reliability engineering Chapter 2: Failure modes of machine elements Chapter 3: Fatigue failure prediction and prevention Chapter 4: Rolling contact...
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    Raymer applied in UAS

    If you are not an aeronautical guru and would like to see how a bunch of college students make decisions to build a "Drone" click the link below. These students follow Raymer's gospel and confirm their selections with equations just to verify Raymer really knows what he speaks. Such exciting...
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    I just can't compete with young pilots, seems their getting younger everyday!

    Well it seems we old timers have to face the facts, the young folks are getting a head start we never had: :gig:
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    Holy Cow! Giant Model Airplanes

    Example of what size my models in the 50-60's look like, and this was an average large model follow by the 21 century models: Duh, I thought a model airplane was usually sized to fit in a car and that went for gliders too. Since I don't have access to a wind tunnel, I plan on constructing a...
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    MH170 and aircraft tracking on oceanatic flights

    As a radar repairman in the 1960's we all knew tracking over water is a hit and miss affair. Water vapor and air temperatures frequently did weird things to the radar pulses, ditto for shortwave radio. I'm totally confounded that commercial aircraft engines/aircraft systems are monitored via...
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    Finally the ultimate light weight and almost free aircraft covering

    One of my vices is Blue Bell French Vanilla ice cream, a man has to have at least one sin. Fortunate for me my sweetie notified my next door neighbor she was going on a cruise and to make sure I was still breathing. While I'm house sitting her two beakosaur's macaws and my two hot dogs. Henry...
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    Comparing Thrust in Fluids and Current terminalogy [beam Billski & me up Scotty]

    To say these ratings are way over my knowledge is a gross understatement but, I know there are some who with a few clicks of their keyboard can answer this questions. "If a jet ski engine is rated at 310HP PS >2HP/LB and produces 1890Lbs of water thrust is there a way to convert water thrust...
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    Take Measurements of Drawings and Much More

    This may help the CAD challenged, estimate weights plus requirements of various structures. Since many aircraft are tapered or rounded measuring each member can be very time consuming. ¼” for ribs on a tapering wing each is different, 1” longerons for fuselage trusses, tapered braces, and...
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    2 Stroke Needle Bearings

    Most 2 stroke engines connecting rods have caged needle bearings CNB, on some Rotax engines the piston wrist pin are full fill bearings FFB. Normally FFB bearings cause verbal praise spoken during disassemble scattering everywhere. If CNB remain intact they are simple to install and remove as a...
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    Poor Boy Airspeed Indicator

    I finally found it a 7 to 80 mph (kmph too) airspeed (windmeter) indicator which is nothing more than a plastic flow gauge simple as dirt: Hall Brothers Manufacturing Co. | Hang Gliders, Paragliders & Ultralights
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    Losta Aircraft Links All New

    While searching the web these links were found to be interesting they cover a myriad of subjects and several require time to discover all the content. It is suggested you examine each for your areas of interest. If you find dupe let me know and thanks: CAD and 3D freeware ...
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    Epoxy & More

    Ordered from EBay $39.95: 12 boxes of SUREWOOD 2-PART SPRING BOLT EPOXY ADHESIVE INDUSTRIAL NEW FREE SHIP Each box contains 12 oz of A + B clear epoxy in two metal cans, I prefer metal over poly jugs. So 24 x 12= 288 oz...
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    Gussets & More

    Considered pasteboard, cardboard, 1/8 ply, wallboard joint tape, fiberglass duct tape, metal, 3.2 oz Dacron, and a few others yet concluded this was the best of the lot from Home Depot its 0.039" thick. Besides I'll have a variety of the prettiest gussets on any home built, plus free shipping to...
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    More Interesting Aviation Web Links

    Here's some additional web links for your viewing pleasure. I do my best to filter for content value yet, for some these might be 'old school' a quick look might be all that's needed. I my case learning how to speak aviation language and do this not that are very helpful: Torsional...
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    New 2014 Lightweight 1.5 Liter or Smaller Automotive Engines

    Visitor's to the USA might just find cars which are common in their home country. In fact to most older American's roller skates on steroids might be more appropriate. Looking at the 2014 auto offerings there appears to be some likely candidate for conversion. In their effort to meet upcoming...
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    Aviation Oppertunity Design & Build Drone Prototype

    Hey guys & gals here's your chance to get in the ground floor by design and building a domestic drone prototype. The FAA has designated 6 areas around the county to compete in drone testing for domestic applications. I can only guess mostly for law enforcement and security surveillance. The...
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    Revisiting Energy Allocation for Proper Usage

    It’s common knowledge gasoline and ethanol alcohol spelled trouble for 2 strokes. Running ethanol/methanol with castor oil has been used successfully for decades with model airplane 2 strokes glow engines. The problem is elementary chemistry covalent and polar compounds just don’t mix no matter...
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    V8 Two Stroke With Expansion Cambers

    Someone is one heck of a welder to look at this engine setup. It seems to be almost vibration free except for counter torque when throttled. If someone could do something similar in a small plane the performance would be incredible. It would need one tough PRSU to reduce speed to tap all the...
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    Mc Culloch's WWII era drone engine run

    If you think your engine is loud and shakes check-out this 2 minute clip. The engine mount must have been the vibration isolation to end all to keep this engines from ripping the firewall off. Notice the starter, he was giving the engine much respect it deserves: McCulloch 4318 Engine Run -...