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  1. J

    CriCri MC-15 in NZ

    I believe he is building from plans, and I can't wait for him to finish it and see it fly! :pilot:
  2. J

    Exhaust pipe fabrication helpers

    I always used worm gear hose clamps with a hole drilled in them so that I could place a tack weld. I've got to give it to them though, those clamps are a big improvement over mine!
  3. J

    Free-blowing a bulged bubble canopy?

    The guys in the one powder coating forum I used to frequent used RockWool insulation for their ovens. They liked its resistance to fire and heat. It's not nearly as cheap as the fiberglass, but right now, nothing's cheap.
  4. J

    Build supplies under the clouds

    That's because they have to flip your order over once it crosses the equator. That has to be at least 50% of the cost. :)
  5. J

    Fresh Air Mask- Supplied Air Mask

    The hood totally encloses your head and neck, down to you shoulders. The air enters the rear of the hood and inflates a collar at the bottom of it, and then the air flows over your head. If I shrug my shoulders or change positions so that my shoulders move up, the hood will move up off of my...
  6. J

    Fresh Air Mask- Supplied Air Mask

    I got the full hood due to the fact that I am using 2K polyurethanes and wanted as much protection as I could get. It's nice not having your eyes get dry from the fumes, and it has a replaceable HEPA filter built into the blower, too.
  7. J

    Fresh Air Mask- Supplied Air Mask

    I use a HobbyAir 2 that I purchased from here: I get a nice cool breeze of air that washes over your head, helping keep you cool in the hotter months. No smell of solvents, no having my eyes get dry from fumes, etc...
  8. J

    preceptor aircraft

    Matteo, Here is the link for the Yahoo Preceptor group: There are manuals, pictures and plans. If you can't find them, just post your question and someone will be glad to help you. Martino ;)
  9. J

    preceptor aircraft

    Larry, I believe DuWayne is still in business, but I've heard of others who have also had some difficulty getting in touch with him. Join the Yahoo Preceptor group and see if anyone there has an engine mount or can build one for you. Marty
  10. J

    N-numbers: bending the rules?

    Or, "Don't invite The Man into your life". :whistle:
  11. J

    Icon A5 - Pricing and Financials

    I've got to start buying more lottery tickets. :gig:
  12. J

    Shipping Parts

    I had a friend use U-Ship last year to ship a '66 Chevy he had purchased, to his house. The price was reasonable, the car arrived on time and undamaged. Check it out, I don't think it costs anything to register or get a quote. Marty
  13. J

    LSA or GA Ticket?

    I purchased an ultralight and thought I would take enough lessons to get competent with the ultralight. However, before I began, I decided to just get my PPL because that would provide me with everything I would need, regardless of whether I decided to move up or not. I figured if it took me 12...
  14. J

    When Was the Last Time...

    Last night I was cleaning the adhesive off of the wings and ailerons of my N3-Pup in advance of recovering them.
  15. J

    Any cool aviation things to see/do near Las Vegas?

    It's not aviation related, but if you've never taken a tour of Hoover Dam, you should. An amazing piece of engineering an workmanship.
  16. J

    EAA 1928 Ford Trimotor

    Stout was the name of the gentleman who designed that aircraft and others. He partnered with Henry Ford on the Tri-Motor. I like the interior, a far cry from today's. :gig:
  17. J

    Brother Label Maker or Set of labels from ACS?

    The one thing I remember about the Dymo tape was that it had a tendency to curl up after it was applied. The closer you were to the end of the spool, the worse the condition was. And because of the raised letters, there was less surface area bonding the tape down which meant they would tend...
  18. J

    Brother Label Maker or Set of labels from ACS?

    Those aren't hay bales, they're "cow-coons". They are what cows turn into in the winter. In the spring, they emerge as cows once again to complete the cycle. :silly: Marty
  19. J

    Older KitPlane mags

    Yes, they did. I was looking for an article about the Inflatoplane by Chuck Berthe, and it was in one of the issues that was lost. Fortunately, Chuck Berthe came through with a copy he had, and his wife contributed a personal story about their children and the Inflatoplane! In this case, that...
  20. J

    Top 10 Movie Dogfights

    After watching "The Great Waldo Pepper" on Netflix some time back, I stumbled upon a Youtube video of Bo Swensen discussing the scene when he and Robert Redford went out on the wing. Yes, it was real and so were their expressions! No acting there. :gig: