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  1. J

    Barnaby Wainfan newsletter

    The group building FMX-4's at EAA 292 have one !
  2. J

    Rotary diesel?

    And sometimes very good valid patents have to expire before an idea moves forward. i.e. Rosen Motors had an energy efficient electric car 10 years ago running a fantastic small gas turbine with flywheel energy storage, which suffered from "Death by Detroit". (the Big Three were not about to...
  3. J

    Rotary diesel?

    The German company "WankelSuperTEC" appeared to have an approach to a Wankel-Diesel that looked very promising. Direct Injection with a Spark plug to get it started. Once Turbo spooled up under load, would run as a Diesel. Turbo boost (2:1 to 3:1) plus Wankel compression (8:1 to 9:1) got you...