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    Twin-prop single engine gyro

    Hello chaps. I am looking for some info on a gyrocopter I saw somewhere on the web, but can't find again. It is basically a conventional looking machine, but instead of the pusher prop, the engine drives two props, mounted on booms to the left and right of the pilot. Someone knows which one I am...
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    IO-470 VO turbo Continental

    Hello Listers I have a Continental IO-470 VO, that I want to turbo charge. A few questions for the collective wisdom, if I may: 1. What turbo should I use? Name, number and aircraft/engine this turbo comes from? 2. What should the compression ratio be for a turbo on this engine? 3. What is the...
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    IO-470 Continental

    Hello Listers I have a few options in engines for a BD4 that I am resurrecting, one of which is the IO-470 VO Continental that needs to be opened up, as there is rust in at least 2 of the cylinder barrels. The engine has been sitting for an undetermined period of time, and it needs a complete...