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    Polini Thor 202

    I have been looking for an engine for an ultralight that I am building and I think that the 202 is the best option. The two concerns I have are that it only has one spark plug and no electric start. I am thinking of running the pull starter to the cabin so that it can be started from inside. I...
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    I am about to buy a Polini Thor 250 engine for a puller style ultralight. From everything I have seen it seems like the engine should work but does anyone know of any problems with that engine that I overlook. Thanks
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    Engine positioning

    I am not sure where the engine should be mounted in relation to the cg and center of drag. I thought the center of thrust should be inline with the cg to not induce any moments but if it is inline with the center of drag it would cancel out the moment created from the drag. Does the center of...
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    Hirth f33 pricing

    I am looking into buying a hirth f33 with an electric start, exhaust system, and a reduction drive. A place called PPG Paramotor from Indonesia quoted me $3110 with shipping. That seems like it is very cheap from what I have seen. Are they trying to scam me or is that the good price for the...