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  1. SVSUSteve


    I think I asked this once before but the project was shelved before it went anywhere due to other things coming up on my end that took precedence. I am getting to a point where I have more free time to get back to working on a design but the same issue creeps up. Those of you who have spoken...
  2. SVSUSteve

    Keeping Oil Off the Windshield after Engine Failure

    My wife is one of my volunteers in aviation safety research. She's entering data for me this morning between appointments with the clients at her law firm. She came across one of the cases where the crash was precipitated by an engine failure. The pilot reported to ATC that he had oil all...
  3. SVSUSteve

    Building a "spare" wing or tail to test it? some of you may be aware that I have a math learning disability. It's a weird situation where I can apply theory and figure out interrelations but I repeatedly failed basic algebra etc. Despite having plans to have more experienced folks look over my design before I build my design...
  4. SVSUSteve


    These are the books I have available if anyone needs me to look something up in them. The ones marked with an asterisk (*) are hard copy only. Thurston: Design for Flying* Thurston: Design for Safety* (I keep joking that I need to write an updated version of this) A. J. Kundu: Aircraft Design...
  5. SVSUSteve

    Pazmany's Landing Gear Book

    Anyone have a copy available for sale, loan, or rent? I really need a copy but don't want to shell out $100+ to Aircraft Spruce or Amazon.
  6. SVSUSteve

    Favour from the Forum

    I apologise for my absence from the forum (or for my return depending upon your opinion of me!) but I have been swamped with work and such. However, I need a favour from a few of you. I am working on a paper looking at injury patterns to the forearms during fixed-wing crashes and one of the...
  7. SVSUSteve

    Question about Air Intake Designs and Turbocharging most of you know, anything firewall forward tends to be a big mysterious gray area for me so far as the system details go so the following question is going to probably sound a bit ridiculous to the engine gurus. I have been reading a little about engine cooling and also came...
  8. SVSUSteve


    I'll give you the quick rundown as I am quite tired at the moment. My original comment about Thurston's book being outdated is that it simply repeats, insofar as crash survivability is concerned, a lot of the same things folks have traditionally believed. It could lead someone who isn't up to...
  9. SVSUSteve

    Lost a friend today

    I hate to have to post this but they found the wreckage of a friend's plane just north of Indy today. He had been reported missing over the weekend but the state police just confirmed they found the plane. I flew with Glenn in that aircraft on more than one occasion so this is close to home...
  10. SVSUSteve

    Metal wing skins over wood ribs and spars?

    A discussion about WWII aircraft came up over drinks tonight and the topic of conservation of resources was brought up. The question was put to me whether anyone had tried a wooden spar and ribs configuration with metal over it. I couldn't recall any such design but do recall hearing of the...
  11. SVSUSteve

    Textbook Project- Input Sought

    Partly thanks to the motivation of a few folks on this forum, I am working on a textbook on aviation pathology and forensic crash investigation. While that book is likely not to be strictly of interest to many here (if it is, with permission of the moderators, I will provide a link to purchase...
  12. SVSUSteve

    A couple of quick pictures....

    So, during my absence from HBA, in addition to recovering from my health issues I got married. My lovely wife chose a cruise for our honeymoon and it included a stop at St. Maarten. So I finally got the chance to the "ride the fence" and take some pictures. Here are the two best of the...
  13. SVSUSteve

    Odd question....donation of an aircraft, etc

    This may sound like a rather strange question but for non-national charities like the EAA, how would one go about trying to find an aircraft to raffle off for fundraising for a non-profit? We are finalizing our application for the aviation safety research group myself and several others started...
  14. SVSUSteve

    Research Question

    Many of you know that I have a release form for autopsy records and related materials that I use for my research and also as a final gut check to pilots I see whom are about to do something stupid (like the Cessna 172 pilot I saw about to taxi out for takeoff in freezing rain). Our application...
  15. SVSUSteve

    Cell Phone Ringtones (Vaguely Aviation Related)

    So given that it is the weekend and how we all could use a little bit of humor.....I am messing around with my ringtones and trying to coordinate and given the regular spam can bashing on here, I thought you would all get a good laugh out of my choice for Cessna which is "All Things Dull and...
  16. SVSUSteve

    Four Killed in Collision between Cessna 150 and Motor Glider in British Columbia.

    I learned about this crash when I was called to give some background information about aviation to a reporter friend of mine. This is offered without further comment beyond condolences to anyone who might have known the folks involved...... Four dead after plane and glider collide mid-air near...
  17. SVSUSteve

    Anyone in Memphis or Northern Mississippi?

    Kat and I are going to be down in Tunica for about three days starting the morning of the 30th as I have to speak at a conference down there. Then we are planning on spending a couple of days in Memphis. Would anyone like to meet up and maybe have coffee, lunch or dinner?
  18. SVSUSteve

    How does one "derate" an engine?

    Just out of curiosity but I came across a mention on another website of an engine that had been "derated" from a higher HP to a lower. How exactly does one do that? Could it be as simple as limiting throttle travel or would more complex measures be necessary to do this safely? Given my status...
  19. SVSUSteve

    Experimenter Safety Series, Part III: Restraints

    The third article in my EAA Experimenter series on crash survivability and design has been published. If you've ever wanted to know more about restraints and their role in safety, this article should give you a good start. Experimenter - February 2013 See page 30. Comments, questions and...
  20. SVSUSteve

    Ever wondered how vertical impact tolerance limits are actually developed?

    Alternate punch line: "Wow, the NASA funding cuts have really forced the folks at Langley to simplify how they do their famous swinging impact studies." ;)