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  1. Eduardo Fadul

    CL/CM - α charts for tube "airfoil" tails?

    Hi everyone I am working with a plane that owns a tail like the RANS s12, however I do not have any kind of chart for those "airfoils" made of bended tube. Does any one have or knows how to calculate de CL and CM Vs Alpha charts for those "airfoils"? Best regards
  2. Eduardo Fadul

    Naca airfoil performance in fabric wings

    Hi all, I have been looking for information/charts about fabric wings (CL,CD, CM), however I couldn't find any kind of paper/document. I am thinking in airfoils such as NACA 4415 or so, so nothing laminar just something pretty conventional. How does they perform compared with conventional...
  3. Eduardo Fadul

    Rotec engines.

    Good afternoon to all I would like to know the experiences and general opinion about the Rotec engines. We are working in a plane and the owner wants to use the Rotec 3600, I contact Rotec asking for the performance charts of the engine, and what a surprise I get when they told me that they...
  4. Eduardo Fadul

    IO-470VO Injection Fuel Pump

    Hi all I'm doing a little research about the Injection Fuel Pump of the IO-470 VO, I need to know the range of revolutions per minute and the torque of this fuel pump (I think is the 638154). I did a research using every single manual that i could get, however I couldn't find this specs...
  5. Eduardo Fadul

    MAC and Y mac for double tapered wing

    Good morning to all I'm evaluating a collegue Thesis and I have a question. She was trying to determinated the MAC and Y Mac according to USAF - Datcom (Double-delta and cranked Wing page 2.2.2-4) however the values doesn't fit. Doing the math it gives: Mac of the whole wing = 7.8841 ft Y...
  6. Eduardo Fadul

    New agricultural aircraft

    Hi all I'm working with a Brazilian company designing a new agricultural aircraft, which is why I would like to ask for your help. In this moment we are making a survey to determine the technical characteristics which the aircraft must have, which is why I will be very grateful to the people...
  7. Eduardo Fadul

    Turbine engine - good and cheap avionics???

    Good night to all I'm working in a company who want to make an update to an old jet (can't say any further :speechles:speechles:speechles ), I'm looking for some suit of avionics for the monitoring of the engines. i'll really appreciate your help, I'm looking for something like the EMS and...
  8. Eduardo Fadul

    XFLR5 (v6.07) Vs Naca charts

    Hi all, I have been trying to do some analysis with XFLR5 and I compare them against the NACA charts and the results are far away. Don't really know why? and How could I solve it? _______________XFLR___NACA Rey 2.6e5__CL___1.4_____1.5 Rey 6.0e5__CL___1.5_____1.7 Rey 8.9e5__CL___1.55____1.7...
  9. Eduardo Fadul

    Does someone know the books of Alex Strojnik? [Low Power Laminar Aircraft Structures]

    Hi all I found three books of light aircraft design and structural sizing, Low power Laminar aircraft design and Low power Laminar aircraft structures LOW POWER LAMINAR AIRCRAFT DESIGN from Aircraft Spruce However I don't know anything about Dr Strojnik besides that he design the Strojnik S-2...
  10. Eduardo Fadul

    Relation: Fiber - Matrix

    Hi all I need to make a mechanical analysis of several of non conventional types of composites materials. Some years ago at the technical school the theacher says than exist several mathematical expresions in order to determine the best relations between fiber and matrix. I saw every possible...
  11. Eduardo Fadul

    Neutral Point - Cm(alpha) fus - Aclaration

    I have doubt trying to determinate the KF, i'm trying to determinate the fuselage Cm(alpha) and Raymer gives a reference with the postiion of quarter root chord in % of fuselage length [NACA TR 711], my plane is like the ov-10 so for my the fuselage length its assuming a virtual length like "a...
  12. Eduardo Fadul

    Helicopter Design books ???

    Good night Here we have a little project, trying to design a light helicopter, something basic in order to get some experience; but the true is that i dont know anything about choppers. Can some one please recommend some bibliography??? Who is the Raymer for chopper? which book(s) should we...
  13. Eduardo Fadul

    Roeger-hooks mechanism

    Good night I'm working in the detailed design of my LSA, the CAD model, autoreply told me that the Sailplanes use the Roeger-hooks mechanism in order to ensure the cockpit will not close or twist if the pilot must open it while its flying to leave the plane and open the parachute. I couldn't...
  14. Eduardo Fadul

    FX 61-163 and FX 60-126 charts

    Good Night all I'm looking for the charts of the airfoils FX 61-163 and FX 60-126, i have those of -AID Airfoil Investigation Database- but those are only until RE 1'000.000 and i need for 3'000.000 RE This are for a powered all-metal glider ps: In which book could i get the charts for the...
  15. Eduardo Fadul

    Hi, from Colombia

    Hello All I'm Eduardo Fadul a newbie -more than 5 years of experience- Aeronautic Engineer and Aeronautical Technician (with all the hours of Theoretical Instruction but without license because in Colombia Ultralights doesn't count :mad2::mad2:) and student of Mechanical Engineering Magister...
  16. Eduardo Fadul

    CG Envelope - Winglets

    Good Night I'm a newbie -more than 5 years of experience- Aeronautic Engineer and Aeronautical Technician (with all the hours of Theoretical Instruction but without license because in Colombia Ultralights doesn't count :mad2::mad2:), I participated in all the certification program of the...