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  1. Angusnofangus

    Osprey II plans, cheap.
  2. Angusnofangus

    Door to Door Transportation Redux

    PAL-V | Ultimate Freedom Comments?
  3. Angusnofangus

    Early Bird Jenny

    I have had the drawings for the Early Bird Jenny since about 1999, and am thinking about doing something with them. Has anybody built one or know much about them?
  4. Angusnofangus

    Sheet Metal Tools

    I have noticed references to people using cordless electric drills and cheapo air hammers while building their metal airplane. I'n not saying it can't be done, but if you are going to build a metal airplane, do yourself a favor and buy good tools. They don't have to be new, just good quality...
  5. Angusnofangus

    New Member,Angusnofangus

    I would like to introduce myself: I have been in aviation for more than 35 years, 10 in the military as a bomb guy, and 25+ as a tinbasher. I've had a long time interest in homebuilts. Belonged to EAA for many years, but got turned off by the shift to quarter million dollar airplanes that...