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  1. amv8vol

    Control cable lenght

    Perhaps this is a stupid question, but how do I figure out the exact length of my control cables. Specifically if I am going to have Aircraft Spruce fabricate the cables with swagged ends? Should I do a mock up with spare cable and try and calculate the lenght of the fittings or is there some...
  2. amv8vol

    Quality mild steel

    Some of the parts for my project call for mild steel not 4130 but in 1020, 14 -20ga thickness. The problem is I cannot find 1020 at sheet steel, plenty of 1020 DOM and 1/8" and above plate but nothing in the thinner gauges. Does any one know of an online supplier for quality mild steel? Thanks
  3. amv8vol

    Fairlead Material

    I am at the point of closing up the fuselage and need to add the control cable fairleads. My plans call for red fiber material, I am not even sure what that is but I am sure that there are more modern materials available i.e. nylon or UHMW plastics. I am looking for recommendations and...
  4. amv8vol

    Plywood choices

    I am about to start building a Jodel Dr250. THis aircraft was originally specified with Okoume plywood , mostly 1.6 & 3.2mm thickness and birch plywood in some stressed areas. Aircraft Spruce has a domestic Mahogany Plywood the right sizes in mil-p-6070 specs. I found a supplier for 1.5 & 3.2...