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    2017 Going out with a bang.....Flat Turns

    I purchased some old magazines the other day and received them today. Since the weather is quite cold, I decided to read some of them. I found an article in one of them about the design and flight testing of .....of all things...a Slepcev Storch.As I read thru the article I came across specific...
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    Lycoming Engine Studs

    Have some nice engine case studs from a Lycoming O-540. Believe they use the same studs in 360/320 engines. $100 for all + $15 shipping to US.
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    Solar Powered Shop ?

    Anyone out there have any experience with Solar Power that they can share ?
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    Tig Welding with Mig Wire.....all at the same time

    Stumbled onto this video on Utube today. Thought it was pretty Kool ! And heres a comparison of 110 volts vs 220 volts for those of you considering buying a welder in the future.
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    So you like Radial Engines huh!

    Thought this was interesting...I especially liked the dual controls.
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    Lycoming Problems with connecting rods requiring immediate compliance

    Lycoming has issued a Service Bullitin for certain connecting rod assemblies requiring immediate compliance. Does anyone know the total number of ADs or Service Bullitins Lycoming has issued for their engines ?
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    Getting your fuel and brake line bends in the right place.

    Thought I would share a little simple tool with everyone that makes properly locating your bends a snap. I bought a bunch of round steel stock (3/16 and 1/4) at the local metal supplier. He had a bunch laying there that was excess for some reason, so I got it all for a pittance. It works really...
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    Nikasil Coating

    Anyone have any knowledge or experience with Nikasil coated engine cylinders ? I was talking to a fellow the other day who is building a snowmobile and is building an aluminum V8 engine that will have the liners removed and Nikasil coating applied. He says the engine may be as much as 15 lbs...
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    Brake Tube Tools and hints

    I have found some things that I think might be beneficial to others when plumbing their brake lines and fuel lines. Tube bender: The Imperial Eastman benders and maybe the Ridgid benders can be found used on Ebay. They are kinda pricey but if you watch you can find the right size for a decent...
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    Machining Parts at Home

    There are a lot of pros and cons as to what someone may want or need in their shop (assuming they have a shop). You don't have to be a full fledged machinist to get some basic tools like a drill press and make some parts. Its inefficient usually, but people do it for the enjoyment of having...
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    More reasons to buy a Tig

    Stumbled onto this and thought it might be of interest. It demonstrates that you can do other shop stuff with a Tig. Mostly I thought of it because the other day their were comments about tack welding a fuselage with a Mig welder and then having a pro welder do the welding for you. Another...
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    Soldering and Brazing

    Has anyone seen the video on Soldering and Brazing by Carl Pollex ? Is it worth the money ? ($50)
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    Which is a better crankshaft, forged or billet ?

    Thinking about which crankshaft would be the best choice for a direct drive conversion. I've even seen some good reasons just to use a cast crank instead of forged.Supposedly while the cast is not initially as strong, it is more resistant to cracking. Forged or billet will probably be the final...
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    Question for the propeller experts among us

    Is there a formula to compute or at least a rule of thumb to figure how much propeller efficiency is lost as rpms increase ? What I would like to quantify is as efficiency is lost ( in 100 rpms increments) how many additional horsepower would it take to reasonably offset the loss in efficiency...
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    New FAA Regulation

    New FAA Regulation / Part 0, Section 000 (a) 1 (c) Section I: No pilot or pilots, or person or persons acting on the direction or suggestion or supervision of a pilot or pilot may try, or attempt to try or make, or make attempt to try to comprehend or understand any or all, in whole or in...
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    Quick References for the homebuilder

    Moderator Note: Posts have a 48h expiration on editability, and Winginit has asked me to insert the following text for him, as an aid to anyone reviewing this thread: End Note ---------------------------- I am going to post some references that should be useful to homebuilders. You can print...
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    Welding Rods and Wire

    As most everyone who welds knows, consumables usually aren't cheap. I want to buy some more Tig rods and have an assortment of sizes. I usually use ER70S-2 . The question though is what brand to buy and where to buy it from. The local dealers all carry the well known names and the prices...
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    Tails. Pros and Cons

    Thinking about the different types of horizontal tails and wanted opinions on what they do well, and what might be their deficiencies. It seems that an all moving horizontal tail might require less area and therefore exhibit less drag. Also since it's one piece, it should be more rigid and less...
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    Storch Replica and a few other STOL airplanes compared

    Here is some information to help compare some of the Storch replica airplanes currently available along with a few other STOL type airplanes. No guarantee of accuracy is made, so for final decisions a builder will need to verify things for themselves. This just gives some rough idea of whats...
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    Neat Combustion Video

    Thought some of you might enjoy seeing this.