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  1. Flivverflyer

    Rotax 503 rapid descent-- best throttle setting?

    So the other day I found myself with a lot of excess altitude coming off the Boise hills in my Sky Raider and needing to get down under the Boise Class Charlie shelf (or go way around it). How to descend a thousand feet or more in just a few minutes, without entering the dreaded "lean zone" on...
  2. Flivverflyer

    Rotax B box question

    Newbie alert to start out here-- I have only 15 hours on my new-to-me Sky Raider. I have the 2.58:1 B box on my Rotax 503, with a Powerfin 66" two-blade ground-adjustable prop. I understand the PSRU box has a centrifugal clutch inside. Is it the RK400C clutch? I don't understand why my prop...
  3. Flivverflyer

    Glad to have found you guys!

    My name is Don, and I'm a new owner of a nicely built low-time Sky Raider (Rotax 503 DCDI). I have been a Private Pilot for many years, with a glider rating, but I have been inactive for the last twenty years or so. I retired from Boeing last June as a structural design engineer (777, 787...