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  1. Doakes

    What aviation news, blogs or e-mail newsletters do you actively read?

    I read AOPA, EAA, IFlyGPS, Barnstormers, Vansairforce, Some weather blogs.
  2. Opening Kit 04-11-18

    Opening Kit 04-11-18

    Beginning to build
  3. Doakes

    Crowe seat belts

    Brand new still in org. box. Designed for RV model 14. but would fit others as well; top of line model. Thanks Dave/Indiana $400.00 Email for photo [email protected]
  4. Doakes

    weight Scales

    I need to rent/borrow a set of scales to weight my aircraft. They need to weight at least 400 lbs. Thanks Dave [email protected]
  5. Doakes

    Vans RV7 Fuselage kit

    Just wondered if you found a RV7 Fuselage kit? Dave [email protected]