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  1. gicummo


    Hello, What happend with the Facetmovil?... I read a nasa reporta about it that it said it a very good design, etc... Does sombody know why this kind of airplane dont go further? Regards Mario
  2. gicummo

    Inspecting rings...

    Hello, Soon I am going to cover my first wing of a Pietenpol, everything ok, but I want to know something that I can't see anywhere, the inspections rings, where they go?.. inside the wing, outside or in both sides of the fabric? I am talking about the plastic circle..... Just this, thank...
  3. gicummo


    I ask this in Matronics foum... but I want to know/confirm/disagree about put dhyedral in a Pietenpol... What do you think about?.. it is good, bad (I think no..); what about performance, stability, manuverability, etc, etc...? Thank you in advance ;0) Regards mario
  4. gicummo

    gussets and nails

    Hello, I am here again with the gussets. ... :ermm: It is necesary, appart from the epoxy, put nails with the gussets?... If it yes.. why? regards. PD: I am steel thinking what to do with the gussets... I think I am going to use 3 mm (1/8) ply
  5. gicummo

    wing rib gussets

    Hello everybody; I have a problem, I'm traying to resolve it by two or threee differents ways, but I want to know from you why I could be wrong or wright. I can not find 1/16 plywood for the gussets where I live, minnimun 3mm and it isn't very good; so I build my own 1/16 gussets in three ways...
  6. gicummo

    Model proof

    Hello, I am new in the forum (just a month); I was reading a lot of post because I am thinking in build an airplane, but I do not decide which one by the moment. I pretend a simple and chep ultralight, the most simple of all, but is difficult to decide. I jump from the SkyPup to some of...