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  1. Angusnofangus

    Most Beautiful Aircraft Ever Built

    First time I saw Porter, about 1962 or 3, I though it resembled a rat with that long nose and what I remember as a 5 bladed prop. It sure could land and take off in a super short distance, though.
  2. Angusnofangus

    Most Beautiful Aircraft Ever Built

    I don't see any such listing in Wiki, Blackburn Aircraft - Wikipedia, Not that Wiki is the be-all and end-all. But it does show the Blackburn R1 Blackburn as noted in #624. OK, after re-reading, it looks like I missed your point. Senility is slowly setting in. And yes, it certainly resembles a...
  3. Angusnofangus

    Most Beautiful Aircraft Ever Built

    According to Wiki (Blackburn Blackburn - Wikipedia), it is a Blackburn R1 Blackburn. So good that they named it twice.
  4. Angusnofangus

    Most Beautiful Aircraft Ever Built

    OK, I'll bite. What is it?
  5. Angusnofangus

    Celera 500l Progress

    I remember this guy. My wife and I would watch him whenever we needed a good laugh. Didn't know about the 747, but am not surprised he had one.
  6. Angusnofangus

    Yet Another Airborne Camper

    The thing sticking out of the nose looks a lot like an air-to-air refuelling probe. You never know when you might need gas.
  7. Angusnofangus

    A Colorado Firm Claims It Can Triple the Power of Electric Engines

    Didn't you know that money grows on trees here in BC?
  8. Angusnofangus

    Concepts only: Doodles without numbers

    Think Beech 1900. It must hold a record for added fins, strakes, et al.
  9. Angusnofangus

    Round number for heat treatment?

    I agree with what you have said here, but here is the rub; making parts out of 2024-T3 requires a larger bend radius than parts made from O, depending on the material thickness, which may or may not be a deal breaker depending on where the piece fits into the puzzle.
  10. Angusnofangus

    Round number for heat treatment?

    If you are solution heat treating 2024 you need 919F and for annealing 2024-T3 you need 775F, as per Aluminum 2024-T3. A little outside of the range of your standard oven. You would need a proper kiln, plus precise controls. And then be able to check the hardness in order to ensure that...
  11. Angusnofangus

    Round number for heat treatment?

    Ribs , or any other part, that is made of 2024-O, when heat treated will be immediately quenched when coming out of the oven. This is what causes them to resemble pretzels. It is then aged for 96 hours during which it reaches temper. After quenching it is still soft, it is W condition, and can...
  12. Angusnofangus

    Round number for heat treatment?

    This is how the OEM that I used to work for made most of their 2024 parts.
  13. Angusnofangus

    Round number for heat treatment?

    Testing is actually pretty easy, one way is with a Rockwell tester, which checks the hardness of the aluminum. Five minutes per part, max. You just need the tester, which I'm sure isn't cheap.
  14. Angusnofangus

    Round number for heat treatment?

    I used to drop off parts to be heat-treated at a local shop, but never saw the bills, but would be interested to know what kind of quotes you get. A larger shop should be able to do all your ribs in one or two cooks. I would be surprised if it would be less than $500.
  15. Angusnofangus

    Airplane For Sale Become One Of The Last Starfighters By Buying This Pristine Mach Two Capable F-104

    Pretty much agree with these sentiments having spent 3 years next to Luftwaffe F-104G's. During those three years the wing lost 3 or 4 aircraft (can't remember which). They didn't call it a 'Widow-Maker' for no reason. With four external tanks they used what appeared to be 9,999 feet of a 10,000...
  16. Angusnofangus

    Interesting Twin

    Caption says 'Vicher engines'. Mr Google doesn't seem to come up with much other than this aircraft. It's Russian, so who knows.
  17. Angusnofangus

    Visitor to 7S5 Independence State Airport

    Had to look this up, Kreutzer K5. FAA registry look-up wouldn't take NC, only N. Weird.
  18. Angusnofangus

    CAT Launch

    During the pre flight ops cat checks, the cat crews on the Kitty Hawk would dry-fire the cats, sometimes launching old worn-out boots. They flew just about as well as the car in the video.