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  1. Mike Stewart

    Crankshaft Failures

    Okay thanks. How long has this been true? Also . . . you mention "Top Bug" crankshafts. I haven't looked into this at all and there are many aspects I'm sure I'm ignorant of but I do think I distinctly remember talking to Steve about his crankshafts and he told me he used "stock, forged...
  2. Mike Stewart

    Crankshaft Failures

    At the time Steve passed away, there had never been a documented case of a GP crank breaking. Cranks issues were sorted out in the 70's and Steve has never used anything other than the forged, stock German crank. Since he no longer runs the company, I've no idea what's going on with GPAS...
  3. Mike Stewart

    Crankshaft Failures

    Composites have a core of wood - Prince, Catto being the only ones I know about - and are fine with the VW according to Steve. Some composites have metal rods as structure and I doubt these are acceptable.
  4. Mike Stewart

    Intake Manifolds

    I just posted an Ellison EFS-2 for sale for $500 in the For Sale forum in case anyone's interested. Belongs to a hangar neighbor.
  5. Mike Stewart

    Ellison EFS-2

    I'm posting this for a hangar neighbor, Dr. "Doc" McCalister. Doc bought this from another hangar neighbor some years back with the intention of using it on one of his vehicles. It's sat in his hangar ever since and is not going to ever use it. I haven't examined it but I'm sure it's in the...
  6. Mike Stewart

    Intake Manifolds

    > "It would work IF you had some turbulence before going into the head to equal the charge in the ID of the tube.?" A Turbulator! I used to see them advertised for cars. I'm sure we all have and thought they were a gimmick but actually, in light of what Pops says, it might be just the ticket.
  7. Mike Stewart

    Intake Manifolds

    Pops mentions dark plug colors. Mine are always a light tan. The slight deposits on head and top of piston were also a light tan. I run very lean at cruise, up high. Pulling probably about 50% power at 11 - 14K feet. I have an "E" bottle for oxygen and use it from takeoff to landing since...
  8. Mike Stewart

    Intake Manifolds

    "Add to that the fact that the Aerovee intake manifolds are a pretty horrible design as they aren't even near the same shape as the ports in the head." Yeah. AeroVee is dune buggy stuff. Steve Bennett used my plane (when he owned it) as a testbed for induction experimenting. I've got a top...
  9. Mike Stewart

    Contra rotating propellers

    Unswirling the air seems like it would cost a lot of energy, however if the props are turning at a much lower RPM I can see how there would be less tip drag.
  10. Mike Stewart

    Contra rotating propellers

    Contra-rotating propellers obviously work or they wouldn't be used but I've never understood how immediately reversing a mass of air - the second prop hitting an accelerated air mass going 180 degrees from the direction of the second prop, makes any sense. Common sense (mine anyway) would say...
  11. Mike Stewart

    Still breathing!

    Dunno where "Grimes" came from. I don't drink so . . . who knows. I meant Gleim of course.
  12. Mike Stewart

    Flying Flea plans.

    I saw the real Flying Flea at SZP a couple years ago. They have "Open Hangar Day" there the first Sunday of every month. There's some real treasures to look at if you happen to hit a Sunday when everybody is there, or even if they aren't all there, there's still plenty to look at. Very neat...
  13. Mike Stewart

    Glimps of Steve Bennet

    Here's an early picture of Steve and his KR-1 named "Baby". Steve was tall and never did fit well inside normal KR's. My KR, built by Ken Cottle, another tall guy, was the only one he could comfortably fit in. With Ken's mods, bays were added both front and back which not only made room for...
  14. Mike Stewart

    Any Tailwind owners / pilots?

    Yes. Chapter 14.
  15. Mike Stewart

    Any Tailwind owners / pilots?

    Just for general Tailwind interest, bi-plane version built my Paul Hanson. Has a Jabiru 3300 that kept losing valve seats so Paul sold or gave the plane away in disgust (the engine annoyed him so much).
  16. Mike Stewart

    Oxygen concentrators

    I've been watching these for several years . . . since not long after I did my own DIY O2 set-up with an "E" bottle and pulse-dose regulator. Filled at a dive shop. Using it from takeoff to end of trip, I've crossed the country in a zig-zag way and come back to San Diego and still had O2...
  17. Mike Stewart

    Pictures of a recent military exercise show the Russians are flying one of our designs

    Lear 31 had them . . . I wonder what name they used when describing them. I think I would have called them strakes, on the 31 anyway.
  18. Mike Stewart

    Mitchell Wing

    Someone I know from the earliest days of TWITT told me recently that whoever is keeping the org together these days has moved operations to Texas. I'll see if I can find out more.
  19. Mike Stewart

    Crashes in the News - Thread

    If aircraft manufacturers would just stop making their aircraft out of thin and lightweight aluminum and composite materials, we wouldn't see such extensive damage resulting from simple collisions and impacts with the ground.
  20. Mike Stewart

    Dan Johnson on LSA Proposed Rule Changes - Latest Update

    Dan Johnson is a force of nature. I've been reading him since his early reviews and reports on hang gliders . . . this must be going back to the 70's. He's stayed on top of the HG's and everything that has come along since in the world of Experimental Aviation or LSA. He's current, accurate...