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    Woody Pusher Weight and Balance

    Anyone have the weight and balance information for a Woody's Pusher? Forward and aft C.G. limits %MAC?
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    Torsion Spring Landing Gear

    The Heineken HE 222 is the only plane I know of that has a torsion spring based landing gear. Curious if there are any others? Torsion springs can store more energy per pound than a leaf or coil spring so you’d think there is potential in using them on aircraft.
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    Slotted Split Flap

    I ran across something I’ve never seen before, what I can best describe as a slotted split flap. I saw a plane that looked like a Tailwind W10, but metal wing and bigger. Nothing special there, but the flaps where airfoil shaped with hinge axis well forward of flap leading edge and flush with...
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    2SI 690 use it?

    I am contemplating buying an unassembled kit that comes with a supposedly unused 2SI 690 engine with reduction box. If this thing really is unused and can be cleaned up (new gaskets, hoses, etc) is it worth using it? I figure if I can get a couple hundred hours out of it I’d be happy. But, I...
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    Falcon XP possible purchase

    I’ve come across an unbuilt kit for a Falcon XP and I wanted to see if there is any specific things I need to look out for. Kit appears complete and in good shape. Has been stored in a hanger for many years. Comes with a what looks like a Rotax 532 and a 2SI 3 cylinder engines. I need to...
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    Hat Section forming or supplier

    I want to use some hat section (flanged channel) in my design but I'm struggling to figure out how to either make it my self, buy it, or have someone make it for me in the local area. I've searched the archive with no success and it seems most suppliers I've found have the wrong alloys. So a...
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    Pusher Prop Behind Flaps

    I would think that you wouldn't want the prop mounted behind the flapped portion of a wing due to the large wake that would be ingested. But I see that several aircraft use this configuration including the Avanti. Did some searching and didn't find much on the subject. Anyone have something...
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    Lam Aileron

    I saw this on an email from EAA. Lam Aviation Introduces Improved Aileron for Fixed-Wing Aircraft; Patented Design Delivers Aerodynamic Efficiencies Improving Aircraft Fuel Consumption and Range This strikes me as not much different from several other aircraft like the F-14 or any aircraft...
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    What happened to the BUG site?

    The Basic Ultralight Glider page is gone. Anybody know what happened to it? Is Mike Sandlin still out there? Saw him soaring in one of his GOATS about 5 years ago and it was pretty cool little plane, I would hate to see his stuff disappear.
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    Davis DA-2 Wing Attach

    I saw the DA-2 in the thread about V-tails and that reminded me of something I've been wanting to look at. I've read that the wing attach method for the DA-2 is sort of unique and very simple. But I've never gotten a chance to look at it and really would like to see a visual of how it is...
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    Lycoming O-360 case question

    An A&P friend of mine just gave me most of a O-360 and the case is a bit odd and I was wondering if anyone knew anything about it. The engine data plate is labeled O-360 C2C, 180 hp. The question is the mounting points on the case are straight drilled through (i.e. parallel with the crank) but...
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    Seamless drawn versus DOM Tubing

    I know most (all?) aircraft built with steel tube these days use seamless drawn tubing. There is also hot rolled drawn over mandrel (DOM) tubing that the racing community uses a bunch. Does anyone know if there are differences in strength, buckling resistence, etc. between the two differenct...
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    Flywheel Drive VW

    Does anyone have experience with the flywheel drive VW conversions? Great Planes has a kit to put a prop extension on the flywheel side of the engine which would put it on the larger bearing on that side. Is anybody using this, does it work out?
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    Compact Radial Engines

    This is probably a question for Mstull, but does anyone have experience with Compact Radials single cylinder engines? I'm monkeying around with a twin engine ultralight design that would require two smallish engines 15-20ish hp each. Weight obviously would be a big issue, but also vibration...
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    Variable Pivot Flap

    I was wondering if anyone on the board knows much about the variable pivot trailing edge flap. It is a single slotted flap that uses a rotary actuator attached to the leading edge of the flap via a short linkage and a second linkage that is attached further back on the flap that connects...
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    Congradulations Mstull

    Got my latest issue of Sport Pilot and there was your cool little yellow biplane! Congradulations in getting in there, good job. Dave K.
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    Bede 4 Bonded Wing

    A fellow in the local EAA chapter has a BD-4 that he has replaced the original wing with a new one from Bede that is uses bonded aluminum. The thing is it looks like the wing is bonded using something like Proseal (grey and sort of elastic). The wing skin is made up of several sheets of...
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    1/2 VW Improvement Idea

    Now this might be totally stupid, but why can't you have the exhaust point to the rear in the 1/2 VW conversions. I would think it would just take a custom grind cam that would flip the exhaust and intake profiles front to back. Would certainly help with making a proper pressure cowl for the...
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    Interesting spar

    I was driving down the highway and saw an sailplane on a trailer with and interesting spar carrythrough. The two spars (left and right) appeared to join via two very large tapperd pins projecting from the end of the spar that fit in a corresponding fitting on the opposite spar. Just outboard...