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  1. steveair2

    Metal Model Airplanes

    I've been building model airplanes for many years. But nothing like these.
  2. steveair2

    Fokker D8 Replicas
  3. steveair2

    Flyboard Air
  4. steveair2

    Calculators and Templates

    During research into building my hangar, I found this really neat site. Check it out! I really like this printable template page.
  5. steveair2

    X-1 Phantom Ultralight

    I've decided I have too much to do and will never get to the X-1. This is an early model X-1 that needs a little TLC to be airworthy. It has a Rotax 447 and a ballistic chute that is way out of date. I was planning on replacing the fabric and all hardware. I also had a really nice aluminum...
  6. steveair2

    STC Application to Issuance

    A friend of mine had two mechanics try to repair a non operational flap issue on his Bellanca Super Viking, each mechanic failed and gave up. Yesterday I repaired the electrical issue. It took me five hours due to the limit switches being very hard to reach, and a damaged relay. The problem was...
  7. steveair2

    National WWII Museum

    I went to the National WWII museum in New Orleans yesterday. We got there late and couldn't see the whole thing. We watched a really cool movie. This is a great museum. I'll have to go back to see the rest.
  8. steveair2

    Lowest Forms of Life

    It's an hours drive for me to get to my airport, it's way out in the country. When I go out I usually get there before sunrise so I can watch the sun rise. Today was no different except for three stray dogs hiding under a trailer. My buddy shows up and tells me that someone had dropped them...
  9. steveair2

    Aeromarine LSA

    These guys are doing some neat stuff. Saw their Merlin at Sun-N-Fun, it's a great looking design. They're also planning on trying Pete Plumbs Pegasus 0-100 in the Merlin. I hope it works out for them and Pete. I'm looking forwards to seeing what these guys do next.
  10. steveair2

    Anglin J3 Kitten

    I've been a fan of Jessie Anglin's designs for years. Recently I've been looking for information on Jessie. I've not found much at all. The J6 Karatoo is on my build list and now have revisited the J3 Kitten. I think the J3 Kitten is an outstanding Ultralight design. I bought the plans on...
  11. steveair2

    Ron Dixon and the Minicoupe

    During Oshkosh this year I had the pleasure of meeting Ron Dixon. He sat down in our booth and we talked about the early days of Rockford and Oshkosh. He had some neat stories of him and VanGrunsven and others from from the early days of homebuilding. I wish I would have taken notes or...
  12. steveair2

    Wagabond With Pacer Drawing Changes

    I've started this thread so Little Scrapper and Kevin N can discuss the Wagabond with Pacer drawing changes. This might keep the Knight Twister thread from getting muddy.
  13. steveair2

    Easy Riser Powered By R/C Engine

    I saw this in the ultralight section at Oshkosh. The cart clamps to an Easy Riser and has a Desert Aircraft R/C engine for power. The builder claimed performance was marginal but is planning improvements for next version. It's nice to see people experimenting.
  14. steveair2

    Sonja Englert

    I had the great opportunity to meet and speak with Sonja Englert this year at Airventure Oshkosh. Although I have attended her forums in the past years, this was the first time to meet her personally. Sonja is one of the most interesting persons I have ever met and I really enjoyed our...
  15. steveair2

    Interesting Rust Removal
  16. steveair2

    Ritz Standard Ultralight

    This is a neat design. Ritz Standard
  17. steveair2


    My good friend Jim and I have decided to build three Legal Eagle XL's. I'm hoping this might cure my mental problem I've developed after spending fifteen years on my current Biplane project. We're building these at Jim's house. I'll continue working on my Biplane at my house. Jim did a...
  18. steveair2


    I had the great opportunity to work with Stuart Davis and his team in the alternative engines work shop at Sun-N-Fun last week. Stuart and Larry are great guys and I look forwards to working with them again at Oshkosh. AUTO PSRU's is building PSRU's for the Chevy LS3 engines. The engine...
  19. steveair2

    Heintz Brothers Buy Sam Aircraft Design

    Interesting news! Heintz Brothers Buy Sam LSA - AVweb flash Article
  20. steveair2

    Open Cockpit Windshield Construction

    After several failed attempts at building a one piece aluminum windshield frame for my Biplane; I have decided to build one from steel. I tried to gather information off the internet on the subject. There is not much there. Due to the lack of information available on the subject, I have...