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    HP-18J Self-Launch Sailplane Project

    After a number of years, the HP-18J sailplane project has been completed. I am currently in the flight testing stage as a true glider utilizing a tow plane to become airborne. Upon completion of the flight testing (10 hours), the turbine testing stage will follow. The sailplane project is a...
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    L'Hotellier Swivel Joint Connectors

    I am looking for a source for new or used and "serviceable" L'Hotellier swivel joint connectors for my sailplane project. The connectors could have a ball diameter of 9 or 12mm and the ball stem being 11-12 mm long measured from the shoulder to the centre of the ball. These are not the in-line...
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    Soaring excitement from a students point of view

    Being new to the sport of soaring I am posting to share my first solo experience. This last Sunday I left the nest and achieved solo status. The wind was out of the NW at 10-15 KTS and the clouds were starting to build. At 12:40 we launched, I was towed to 3000' AGL in the Blanik L23, no one...
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    Cozy 540RG, and previous builds (Quickie, Cozy III).

    I have been flying my latest project for five year and have approximately 500 hours logged. This is my third Rutan design that I have completed and I wanted something a bit out of the ordinary. I decided to incorporate a number of changes to enhance the performance. The major changes compared to...
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    Turbine power for self launch and sustained flight.

    Hello to all sailplane enthusiasts,   I am presently building an older HP-18 sailplane. This is a Schreder design from the 70's which has a glass fuselage pod, aluminum wing skins, tail boom and V tail. Besides an airfoil modification I am considering twin Microjet AT-450 turbine engines. The...
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    Telescoping wing (FS29)

    Hello Soaring enthusiasts, I am new to the group and am presently building a HP-18 sailplane which is a old kit designed by Richard Schreder from the mid 70's. My plan is to complete the build per plans with a new ( more contemporary) airfoil design. Presently the spars are completed, the...
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    Cozyflier (Chris) introduction.

    Hello all, I am new to the group and would like to introduce myself, I am a instrument rated private pilot with 2500 hours, 85% accumulated in homebuilt experimental aircraft. Here is our families past build experience related to aviation. My father built a RS-15 sailplane in the 70's...